Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quick Vacation Recap

We had a GREAT time in sunny Florida for spring break!  I'm having some issues with the internet on my desktop (where I store all of my pictures) so the better quality pictures will be coming later.  For now, a few cell phone pics will have to do.

We started out our week on Fort Myers Beach at our lovely family condo.  The weather was PERFECT with clear skies and sunshine all day!
The sunset on our way to dinner (that is our condo on the left).
We had a relaxing time in FMB.  Our daily "schedule" included waking up to a walk on the beach (anywhere from 1-3 leisurely miles).  This included lots of people watching since the beaches were crowded with snow birds AND spring breakers!  After that we would usually go back to the condo for some lunch then head down to the pool to soak up some sun, do some reading and take a dip when it got too hot! 

After Fort Myers Beach, we took a mini road trip to Key West.  Neither of us had been before so it was really fun.  We only stayed one night/two days, but we were able to see a lot.  Our B&B was a few blocks away from Duval St. so it was an easy walk to all the fun bars, shops, and restaurants!
Our adorable B&B  in Key West.

We also did a little shopping.  The hubby broke down and bought me an awesome gift but ONLY because we got a crazy good deal.  This beauty was in the red-zone clearance where you could take an additional 40% off and we had a 30% off coupon.  Seriously, best deal eva'!
Did I mention this is my first [full-size] Coach? :)

After Key West, we were scheduled to fly out of Miami so we drove up there to stay the night.  Little did we know, EVERY hotel in Miami (in our budget) would be booked.  We finally found one for a good deal so we booked it.  When we arrived it was SUPER shady.  I think my hubby thinks I'm a snob when it comes to lodging.  I swear I'm not.  This place was awful.  The mini fridge was broken and had leaked a puddle of water onto the TV (safe?), the bathroom was dirty and had cracked tiles and a dropped ceiling that was close to dropping on my head, the whole place reeked of cigarettes, and I was sincerely creeped out the whole 5 minutes time I was inside.  After a small anxiety attack, I decided to google the motel and found out there had been a murder in the parking lot in October 2010.  Um, no thanks!  We got our $ back and headed to Weston, FL.  This was a super cute little suburban-like town with a fun shopping area where we found an Italian restaurant for dinner.  We ended up booking a suite in a "resort" type hotel for only $20 more than the seedy roadside motel in Miami!  I guess it's all about location!
We didn't end up on our flight out of Miami (long story but overall, I don't recommend Delta to anyone).  We got re-booked for a flight out of Fort Lauderdale that night so we were able to spend one more day at the beach (not a bad deal afterall)!
Our extra day at the beach!

Overall, a great vacation!  I can't wait for our next mini-vacay.....a trip to Hocking Hills with some great friends in mid-April!

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Elisabeth said...

Oooh I love trips! Looks like you had a fun spring break!! I wish I would win the lottery so I could spend my days traveling because it's my favorite thing to do! :) Guess I actually need to play the lottery to win, right!? haha Love your Coach bag!!