Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Classroom Tour!

A lot of my blogger friends have been sharing pictures of their classrooms lately.  I am crazy obsessed love checking out other teacher's rooms and ideas!  Here are a few [horrible quality] cell phone pics I snapped so I could share with everyone.........

My chalkboard.  I only use the chalkboard as a magnetic surface.  I do my writing on that small whiteboard or chart paper.  Above this I have some of our "I can" statements that we're focusing on right now.
My "nest".  This is after I de-cluttered a bit, I usually have a ton of student work and copies hanging around.  The bulletin board behind my desk is split in half with a small bottom part for myself and the top half for "Star Students".  I am trying to think of a new idea for the top half.....maybe student goals?
My meeting area.  This is where I meet with my reading groups.  I wish I had a kidney table but they are hard to come by in my school.  [Insert Snooki whine]  I love my little tabletop whiteboard easel from Lakeshore!  I use those 3-drawer organizers for my reading groups - each group gets a drawer for all materials!

This is my storage area.  This is where I keep books for reading groups, student work, extra copies, games, etc.  I try to keep this pretty organized so I can find things very quickly!
Our school uses the Fountas and Pinnell LLI program.  A lot of people ask how materials are organized.  I use these 5-drawer containers to organize my lesson books and take-home books.  Each lesson gets a [labeled] gallon baggie for the books with the title and lesson #. 

I know I've posted this exact picture before but I love this bulletin board.  We vote on a new book every week and do short "author studies" each month by reading and voting on 4 books by the same author.  I got this idea from Beth Newingham and my kids LOVE it!

I'm not sure if there is anywhere to link-up to other classroom photos but if there is, fill me in!


Tickled Pink said...

Love it! And your storage area is great!

Hadar said...

So cute!! you are very neat and organized. I LOVE the alternative to the kidney table, a very good idea! Ok, I also love your "I see" chart!! What do you do with the parts that are covered up?

This is where the link-up was...looks like it's closed now! start your own!!

Gladys said...

LOVE your storage area! Super organized!