Saturday, March 19, 2011


I have hypertension.  At 25.  So my mom has this blood pressure machine at her house to monitor her blood pressure. I decided to test it out one day and my blood pressure was above quite a bit.  I figured the machine was messed up and tried again later.  Still high!  Let me start out by saying that I'm not overweight, I don't sit on my bum all day, and I don't have a sodium loaded diet (I like to think I eat somewhat healthy....ish).

Anyway, my mom got worried and sent the machine home with me.  It's kind of cute so I wasn't mad.  I was on strict mom orders to take my blood pressure every day and record it in a journal.  I did this and noticed that it was high on a very consistent basis.  I actually never got a "normal" reading.  I decided (after mom's persuasion) to call the doctor and ask if I should make an appointment.  The nurse said definitely so off to the doctor I went.

I was expecting to have a brief chat and leave with some advice on lifestyle changes or something....maybe more leafy greens, more exercise?!  Instead, I left with less blood (can't remember what they're testing it for) and a referral to get an ultrasound on my kidneys.  Oh yea, I also got a spur of the moment EKG.  It doesn't hurt and it didn't cost me extra (hopefully a bill doesn't show up in the mail), but it wasn't expected so it made me nervous!  There were so many cords attached to me with little shiny stickers....

Yuck.  I don't like going to the doctor and neither does my wallet!  Let's hope I have two healthy kidneys!  The specialist called the other day so I'll be headed to the hospital to get my ultrasound the Tuesday after we get back from Florida.  The thing I'm most worried about is drinking 32oz of water beforehand and NOT using the restroom!  I will die.


Mrs. Ibarra said...

oh...I do hope you are okay! Good thoughts are being sent your way.

Hadar said...

Oh my goodness Emily! Hope everything goes well

Emily said...

Thanks ladies!

Gladys said...

I hope everything is okay...good vibes are being sent your way! Take care!

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