Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Catching up after Spring Break!

I know I haven't posted for a while...I'm still trying to get into the swing of things after spring break!  We had a few flight delays coming home so we got home a day and a half later than expected which caused some stress!  We also had a painter coming Monday to paint a few areas in our house (pics to come soon)!

Now, onto regularly scheduled programming (nerd alert!)....

What I'm wearing Wednesday.  (I'm actually depressed about this because last Wednesday I was in a bikini on the beach) and now it is SNOWING here at home.  Thanks a lot, Ohio.  I'm more than ready for Spring/Summer!!
Coral 3/4 sweater from Macy's, black pants.  (This was before I added accessories.)  Somewhat boring, sorry!
When I got back from vacation, I was overly ready for Spring.  (I have actually been ready since September...)
Anyway, I decided to make a quick, little spring craft.  I've seen rag wreaths on tons of blogs and they look super easy.  I headed to JoAnn's and bought a few fabrics and a sytrofoam wreath form.  I think it turned out cute, but it's really too small for the front door (I bought the biggest size they had, maybe I needed to check somewhere else)!  I decided to go with a yellow theme to create a "sunshine" wreath!

The finished product.  I moved it inside to our coat closet door.
These fabric squares were $1 each!

After reading my Classroom Tour post from last week, Hadar from OUTfitted and INspired asked how I use my "I See" chart.  Here's your answer, Hadar!
 My chart is actually a larger version of a book from Hubbard's Cupboard.  I love this sight and get a lot of materials from it for my K/1 kiddos.  I print the color teacher book to use for predictions and inferring.  Next, we use the chart I create for shared reading.  I print keep books for the students to practice reading at home.  For this book, I covered up some of the words and we talked about what we can do to figure out those words (look at the picture, notice patterns in reading, etc.)  The kids were so excited when they guessed the hidden text!  I also usually do a writing response related to the short story.  This week our prompt was "I see" and the students had to write what they saw.  In our writing, we are working on starting sentences with capital letters and ending with periods.  We also talk about how our illustration should match our writing.
I See chart
Writing prompt page.

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Hadar said...

THANKS!!! I love that chart, can't wait to incorporate it in my lessons!