Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My name is Emily .....

and I'm addicted to Pinterest.  I can NOT get on my computer without checking it.  I'm thanking the heavens above right now that there isn't an app for my phone [no iphone here]!


Of course, I have to link up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bucket List update!

If you've explored my blog a bit, you might have seen my bucket list a.k.a. my 30 Before 30!  I have been meaning to update this list for quire some time, but never got around to it.........

1. Paint our master bedroom & bathroom.  This is "scheduled" to be done this weekend.  AKA that is when my momma said she would come over to paint our bedroom (it's my birthday gift)!  I plan on painting the bathroom while she does the bedroom.

2. Visit the Grand Canyon.  We went to Sedona, AZ in June 2011 and were able to take a day trip to see the amazing Grand Canyon.  Words cannot describe it.  It looks like a painting even in real life!

3.  Visit Key West and take a picture at the southernmost point.  We visited in March 2011 and had tons of fun.  We spent most of our time "on the mainland" and only 1 night, 2 days in Key West, but we still were able to see a lot!
6. Get rid of antique dining room furniture.  This furniture was handed down to us from my husband's grandparents.  Although it was a nice antique set, it didn't match our decor (AT ALL) and it was way too big for our space.  The dining set was picked up last week to be consigned at a local place and I sold the [non-matching] chairs separately to someone I work with.  Cross your fingers that our dining set sells for a decent price and within the allotted 90 days!

 9. Run a mile.  I finally completed this task in August 2011!  I didn't think I could do it, but I had a great cheerleader, hehe.  That cheerleader would be my hubby and he was very supportive during my slow run!  I'm planning on doing this more often, but so far, I've only gone on two 1-mile runs....
after my first mile run in 8 years!
 11. Try a new food.  This was completed during our trip to Sedona, AZ.  We visited Red Rock BBQ restaurant because it was right down the road from our hotel.  I wasn't planning on trying a new food there, but accidents happen, right?!  My pulled chicken sandwich was served with sweet potato fries (yum!) as well as some sort of deep fried corn.  Obviously the deep fried corn was my new food.  I thought they were hush puppies, but I still don't completely understand what they were...... This pic is courtesy of Google since I didn't have my camera that night.
 20. Organize my recipes.  I'm in the process of doing this, but it's close to being done.  I made a cute binder and I'm now in the [long] process of typing up all of my recipes.  I try to remember to do this while I'm just sitting around, but lately I haven't been sitting around very often!  You can see my binder in this post.

22.  Find a new church.  This is on my list because I haven't been going to church lately.  The reason I haven't been going is because I haven't been feeling like I'm going for me...I've felt like I was going as a duty or obligation.  I want to go to church because I am getting something out of it, not because I am supposed to go.  (Do you like that reverse italicizing?  Pretty smart, eh?)  Either way, I went to a church in my area this past Sunday and really enjoyed it.  I'm still going to try a few others, but I'm on the right path!

28. Get highlights in my hair again. This was crossed off my list in June 2011.  I got a coupon in the mail for 50% off any color services at a nice salon near me (where I also had a massage gift certificate) so I made it a spa day and got a massage and highlights!  I wanted my highlights to be a bit more noticeable, but at least you can't see them growing out now!
Before highlights with my sister-friend Kelli!

After highlights with Kel again! :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Link Ups!

I'm linking up for a couple different blogs today.  First, CMae over at Happiness Is....

This week we are supposed to post a funny picture of our pet(s).  I couldn't choose just one....enjoy!

Static City!  Dixie is trying to take a nap under our bed...

This picture cracks me up!

Dixie shaking after a bath....fur ball! :)


Chip: "What'chu lookin' at?!"

Look what I can do, touch my nose with my tongue!

I can do it too, look!  hehe

I'm also linking up again over at Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Talk Tuesday.  The button below will take you over so you can join!

Today we're talking about advice for new teachers.  I still consider myself a new teacher so I'll give the best advice I can!  Sidebar: The other day I was chatting with a teacher that I hadn't met yet at one of my new schools.  This is how the convo went....
Her: "So are you a new teacher?
Me: "No, I worked in this district last year, just switching schools this year!"
Her: "So you only worked last year?"
Me: " this district, yes.  I also subbed before that."
Her: "You're a new teacher.  You haven't even taught 3 years yet.  Ugh."
Me: "............."

Haha, it was awkward!

Anyway, here are some tips from me to you for your first few years of teaching!
  • NETWORK!  With education funding being so up in the air, you never know when your job is secure.  I got my job for last year AND this year by networking and keeping in touch with people who have some pull in the district.
  • Make friends at work.  Not only is it nice to have some new friends, but teacher friends can be great for collaborating, venting (when appropriate), sharing ideas, and tons of other things! 
  • Overplan, but don't stress if you don't get to everything...that's how it is supposed to be!  I always plan extra activities in case things go quicker than expected.  While student teaching, I always got upset when I didn't get to everything I had planned, but then my cooperating teacher helped me to realize that it was better than running out of things to do!
  • Be flexible!  There are so many things that change throughout the year and even each day!  You have to be super flexible in this profession! :)
  • Become a lifelong learner.  Nothing is worse than a teacher who is stuck in his/her ways!  Make sure you commit yourself to staying on top of new methods and ideas!  Take classes, read blogs, collaborate!
Looking forward to getting some advice of my own since I'm still a "new" teacher! :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Teacher Monday!

I'm linking up today for the kick off of Teacher Week 2011.  Click the button above to join in on the fun!
Tell us a little something about you...
Last year's school picture :)

I'm Emily.  I'm 26.  I'm a wife, mother why did I write that?!  I'm only a mother to my furbabies, oops! Anyway, I'm a wife, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, etc.  Hubby and I have been married for a little over 3 years, but together almost 9.  Please don't call us newlyweds just because we don't have a baby yet!  I grew up in the 'burbs and still live in work in the 'burbs.  I love it and wouldn't have it any other way!  (Unless there was a beach nearby.......)  I teach because I wanted a get rich quick plan.  Joking (obviously).  I teach because it is my passion and I love having one of the most rewarding careers out there!  On my blog you'll find teaching ideas and pictures, day to day activities, crafts and DIY projects, food posts, and other randomness!

How long have you been teaching?

This is more complicated than it should be.  This is my third year teaching in a public school system, but the first year I was just a substitute.  Last year I worked as a Reading Specialist and this year I am doing that again as well as teaching Kindergarten Intervention.  I'm very excited to actually have a class of my own this year instead of having students for a few months and having to let them go!  I also taught Pre-Kindergarten for about 3 years while I was in college!

You might not know...

I used to work in the corporate world!  I paid my way through college and worked full time (two jobs at one point).  I started college working at a tanning salon, but wasn't making enough money (even as a manager and living at my momma's)!  I got hired at a corporate office for a quick service restaurant chain in '04 and worked there until '09 when I graduated.  I was very lucky to be able to start with an 8-5 schedule and then get promoted and work very flexible hours as long as I got my work done and hours completed.  I don't miss the work I did there, but I definitely miss my co-workers and the freedom of working in an office (get up to potty, grab a drink/snack ANYTIME I wanted)!  

What are you looking most forward to this school year?

I'm most looking forward to having a class of my own!  I'm also traveling this year between two new (to me) buildings so I'm looking forward to developing a lot of new relationships with the staff of both buildings!

What do you need to improve?

I would like to work on my stress!  I am a bit type-A (ok, totally) and I get way too stressed about silly things.  I need to do yoga or something but I don't have the patience!

I also would like to improve my time management skills.  Since I'll be traveling between two schools this year, I really need to pay attention to the clock to make sure I'm getting to my second school on time every day.  I also don't want to be going to school super early or staying super late. 

What teaching supplies can you *not* live without?

My Mr. Sketch markers are for sure necessary for my chart paper!  Love the scented and unscented.  I also love RSVP pens (I know, so 1997)!  I prefer the fine point but this year I couldn't find multicolor ink in the fine point so I had to get medium point....growl!

I also love containers.  I like to put EVERYTHING in containers.  I think it makes everything look so much more neat and organized...which makes me happy! :) 
I also love whiteboards.  I have chalkboards but I bring in as many whiteboards as possible (lap boards, hanging white board, easel, etc.) because they're so much easier (and fun) to write on!  Plus I love being able to use different colors!

I wish I was allowed to do this!

Blog Award!

The lovely Jamie over at Everyday J has given me a blog award!   When she emailed me to tell me, she was so sweet and it made my day!  Sometimes when I blog, I wonder if anyone actually enjoys reading my nonsense posts!  Emails (and comments) like Jamie's make my day every time!  If you haven't checked out Jamie's blog, make sure to do so!  She always has fun posts and I especially love her outfit posts....her style is very similar to mine!

The OFFICIAL rules of the award are:
-Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
-Tell your readers 7 things about yourself.
-Give this award to up to 15 recently discovered bloggers.
-Contact those bloggers and tell them the exciting news!
{one}: I need at least one caffeinated beverage every day.  I usually have coffee in the morning and (sometimes) a soda at lunch.  I seriously can't function without some caffeine.  If I don't have it, I yawn all day long.  It's possible I need more sleep but I can't shut my brain down at night so I always end up falling asleep super late! 

This is what I use at home...LOVE it!
{two}: I love, love, love reality TV.  It's sad.  My DVR is always filled with trashy TV (Jerseylicious, Real World, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, etc.)  It's a guilty pleasure and I can't get enough!  I love watching drama and not being involved!  haha :)  I also love competition shows like Project Runway, Top Chef, Design Star, etc.  

{three}: I love warm weather and DESPISE cold weather.  I would love to move south but don't see it happening until I retire...or win the lottery.  As soon as it starts to get a little chilly (read: below 65 degrees), I start craving spring and summer.  Here in Ohio we have cold, gray winters and it is SO gloomy.  Not to mention everyone forgets how to drive.  I need to move somewhere where I can visit the pool and be tan year round!
Yes, please!!
{four}: I am a suburbanite and I wouldn't have it any other way!  I don't think I would be able to survive "out in the country" with less amenities.  I know it's nice to have land, but I need a Target within 5 minutes, please!  I think the city could be cool, but it isn't for me since I want to raise a family!  Plus I'm way too impatient for all that traffic and let's face it, public transportation is NOT my cup of tea!

{five}: My two Yorkies ARE my children.  We don't have any kids of our own [yet] and I love spoiling my puppers!  I know they have way too many toys, treats, beds, etc. but they deserve it!  There is no way to resist the little stinkers.  They are so loving and always make me happy!
Proof of cuteness!
{six}: I met the man of my dreams (too cheesy?) when I was only 17 years young!  My hubby and I met through friends back when I was a senior in HS (he is 4 years older).  We started dating when I was 17, we bought a house when I was 19, got married when I was 22 and now here I am at 26 happier than ever!  I love him so much and feel so blessed that I found my soulmate so early in life.  He is my best friend!  Sick of hearing about us yet?  Here is a pic so you can throw up in your mouth a bit........mushy gushy love!
{seven}: I'm a shopaholic.  [I can't believe I actually came out and said it, that's step one, right?!]  I'm not the type to go out and spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on fancy, designer things, though.  I guess my shopping philosophy is quantity over quality.  I don't love wearing the same outfit all the time so I'd rather have 4 cheap Forever21 shirts rather than 1 shirt from Banana.  You can judge me if you want, I don't care.  I get sick of things very quickly so I'd rather spend less!  I love am obsessed with Target!  I'd say I go there approximately 4 times a week (on average) probably?  There is one Target within 3 minutes of my house (LOVE) and another within about 8 minutes.  Seriously, how can I resist?!  Sometimes I go just because I'm bored.  It's sick.  A while ago I started putting my empty shopping bags in the corner of my room near my trashcan.  I was a little scared at how quickly they piled up.  Eek, time for an intervention!  I'm really excited to get back to work after having the summer off b/c I will be too busy to shop as often!
Might as well be me!
I'm passing on this award to these wonderful bloggers.  Head on over and check them out.  Hopefully you love reading their posts as much as I do!
Lindsey @ Worth the Wait
Michelle [and Ike] @ Decor and the Dog
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Classroom Update...finally!

Back to school today!  Not with the kiddos until next Tuesday but today starts our "required" time back for meetings and PD.  Already have my coffee in hand! :)

I've been working hard in both classrooms and finally have some photos to share!  I don't know if I'll ever feel totally "done" but I'm at least satisfied with both rooms for now.  Since I teach intervention at both schools, I will not have students right away because we need to assess and identify the students who will be receiving special services.  This is why I don't have any fun class stuff up yet!  To see some before pictures check here and here!

Classroom A (reading intervention)
got my crayon wreath up!

My needs some personalization!

Kidney table :)

Most of the stuff on the bookshelf is to hang up, that shelf will be for library books!

I'll be getting rid of those green crates but I have to clean out the filing cabinet :/

I still need to make some labels for the blue baskets on top!

Reader ratings board.  This year I'm just going to have them post books with sticky notes I think instead of "voting".
This super creepy homemade pointed was in my cabinet. 

 Here is a before and after view from my door.  Progress?

Classroom B (kindergarten intervention)
My "Writing Workshop" writing center....not finished but almost there!

Meeting area with calendar...I wish I had a cute rug!
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow cards I made for calendar time.

classroom library with new book bin labels!  I'm still not sure what to do with that chalkboard....

cute signs and book hospital from blogland :)

Turn in trays

Teacher area that I'll share with another teacher.  This one also needs some pepping up!

Word wall, computer center, housekeeping, learning targets.

months of the year, classroom rules, maps & presidents

After working all day on both rooms.....tired and hot!
 Here is a before picture.  Sorry I don't have a similar after picture so you'll have to imagine for now!

Any advice for things I should take away or add?!