Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let the countdown begin!

I'm not sure if it's because it's a rainy day or because Spring Break is so close.....or both.  Either way, this week has been going pretty slow, especially today!  We leave for sunny Florida in only 10 days!!  Can't wait.

Since it's Wednesday, here is what I'm wearing.  I'm not sure how I feel about it so give me  your honest opinions.  Black pants (duh), dusty rose pink INC shirt with rosette details, gray cardigan from Wet Seal, and Roxy flats.  My favorite accessory today is my blue paisley umbrella (sorry no pic).

 I also wanted to link-up with Ladybug's Teacher Files' Post Your Pet Linky Party!  I love my animals so why not brag for a minute?!  :)

I have two Yorkies named Chip and Dixie.  They are true brother and sister littermates and came from a litter of 4.  I found out their momma (a friend's pup) was preggers back in April 2005 and brought them home in May 2005!  They are almost 6 (gasp!) but they still act like crazy hyper puppies and I love it!  They always make me happy and I talk to them like they're my children I love them to pieces!
Chip (Full name: Chipfrey Thomas)
Dixie (Full name: Dixie Lee)

They love playing fetch and tug of war!
They also love to cuddle :)
Eating some ice cream on a hot summer day!  (Can't wait to do that again this year.)
Taking a ride in Mommy's car.


Jena Snowden said...

So cute! I love Yorkies. They are so sweet!

1st Grade with Miss Snowden

Hadar said...

OMG!! the picture of them in the car is sooo adorable! I just want to squeeze them!

Laura Darling said...

I like the outfit! I think pink and gray look great together. And cute picture of the dogs in the car!!

Ladybug Teacher said...

Your dogs are SO adorable!!