Friday, March 18, 2011

Green Outfits, Shamrock Writing & More!

First, I must finish up my What I Wore Week of Green.  You can see what I wore M/T/W in this post.
Thursday Outfit #1: green 3/4 sleeve top from Target, AE jeans.  This was taken at the mall BEFORE hair cut.
Thursday Outfit #2: Irish t from Marshall's, AE jeans.  This was taken AFTER hair cut (just a trim!)
Friday: light green polo from Kohls, Refuge jeans.
Did anyone else wear all green this week?  My kids LOVED it!  :)

I mentioned my [school] St. Patrick's Day plans in this post.  I used the same book, but changed the writing assignment a bit to better align with my students' needs.  Instead of making predictions about the story, I had my students retell the story in their own words.  Our focus was to retell the story in 4 parts using the words First, Next, Then, Last.  We talked about including only important details!  Here is what we ended up with:

We leave tomorrow for Florida!!  I might post a bit but I'm not promising anything. :) I'm super excited to get away from Ohio (even though the weather has been reallllly nice lately).  I'm having a mini panic attack though because I haven't started to pack!  Can't wait to be here:
our view from the beach one evening a few years ago