Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I hope everyone has a great Father's Day!  Did you forget to get a gift?  Oh, no!

I found this idea on Pinterest a while ago and knew I had to do it.  I love how it turned out!  Here is the original pin:

Here is my version:

I made this collage so we could have a digital version but I actually printed each picture and bought a 3-slot frame to give to Nick.  Cost of project = cheap!  The D and A were $2.99 each at JoAnn's and the frame was about $7 at Kohls.  We already had a plain white onesie and the "backdrop" is just a blue blanket!

I also bought him a pair of shoes he's been wanting for a while.  They're *so* weird but he has wanted them forever! 

What did you all get the fathers in your life for this special holiday??

Friday, June 15, 2012

Carson's 3rd Week!

I can't believe Carson is almost a month old already!  Here is a recap of our 3rd week (first week without Daddy home with us)!

We went to the park and walked for miles...Carson slept almost the whole time!

Carson had a playdate with baby Hallie! 

He got pretty cozy on that pink playmat..haha!

Grammy came to visit and brought a summer reading club t-shirt for Carson!

We did more tummy time!

Carson chilled out with Daddy when he got home from work!

Carson took lots of naps in his snugabunny rock'n'play (standard)!

We got Carson a "bath blanket" and he actually likes baths now!

3 week photo shoot...Carson is getting so long!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Carson's 2nd Week!

The 2nd week was Nick's last week home with us.  I was so thankful he was able to take 2 whole weeks off to spend with our new little family!!  Here is how we spent our week...

Carson started using his paci...he loves it but isn't dependent on it (yet....)!

We started doing tummy time after Carson's cord fell off!

Carson is very alert!!

I took Carson to my fav store - Target, duh!  (He loved it.)
 Carson got his first big boy bath after his cord fell off!  He wasn't a huge fan :) 

After bath cuddles :)

We celebrated Memorial Day...Carson's first holiday!

Carson got a sun tent so we can safely play outside this summer!

We had our 2 week photo shoot...Carson wasn't thrilled this week!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Teacher Tuesday (on Wednesday)!

Two posts in one day?  I must be crazy, right?  I'm actually just letting Carson nap while we wait for Nick to get home because we're going to church tonight to get information on Carson's baptism!

I realize this link-up is a day late, but I figured I'd do it anyway since my blog has been lacking in the education department lately!!   For those of you that don't know, I've accepted a new position for next school year.  Drumroll please......

I will no longer be a traveling teacher!  Wahoo!  This takes so much stress off!  I'm going to be working back in the building where I taught during the 2010/2011 school year and I'm SO excited because I'll be working with a great team!  I'll no longer be teaching kindergarten and reading intervention, I'll now be FIRST GRADE!  I'm really sad to leave my old positions and especially sad to leave my kindergarten team but I'm very excited at the same time!  I have a lot of work to do this summer to prepare for the new adventure but I feel so blessed and excited!

I'm linking up with Teaching in High Heels. If you haven't checked out her blog, do it NOW! She has tons of great ideas :)

I have a lot of teaching goals for this summer.  I figure if I write them down, maybe I'll hold myself more accountable :)

  • Pack up my TWO classrooms from last year and move it all to my NEW classroom for next year!  (This will be time consuming seeing that Carson will be with me, but I need to get it done)!
  • Start deciding how I want to set up/decorate my classroom.  This is always fun for me and it will be fun to decorate a new space. 
  • Start pinning some 1st grade ideas.  Since I'm moving into a new grade level this year, I'll be teaching a whole new curriculum.  This is fun and scary at the same time, but I'm excited to get new ideas put into place!
I'm keeping my goal list fairly short b/c I know the things on my list will take a while and even when I'm done, I'll have 8 more things on the list.  That's just the way I am! 

If you have ANY ideas for a first grade classroom, send them my way!  I'm excited to start a new journey for next year.  :)




Carson's 1st Week!

I haven't had a whole lot of time to blog lately but I figured I would share some pics so you all know what (or who) has been keeping me busy!

We spent our first few days at the hospital with some awesome nurses!  We came home on May 20th!

The first thing we did when we got home was introduce Chip and Dixie to their new little brother!

We had our first outing to the pediatrician and Dr. Jeff said Carson was perfect!  

We took our first walk around the block with the doggies!

We hung out on the front porch while Daddy washed the cars.

Carson went on his first shopping excursion to pick up some baby supplies!

We did a 1 week photo shoot!

Check back tomorrow to see what we did during Carson's 2nd week!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Birth Story!

I finally got around to finishing Carson's birth story.  Not sure if anyone is interested, but if you are, check out my newest tab here!

I promise to update soon with more pictures.  Carson is such a great baby, I feel so blessed!