Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Wednesday so Guess What I'm Posting.....

What I am wearing!  I'll leave that until the end today because I have some other things first.  Tiffany over at Teach Run Love nominated me for the 7 Facts Blog Award!  Check out her post here and take a minute to check out her great blog!
7 facts should be easy.  It's not for me.  I'm a chronic over-thinker and I feel like I should make a list (on paper) first.  Ridiculous!  So here goes list of 7 facts:

  1. The hubby and I have some really fun trips planned for this year and I can't wait!  Our first trip of the year is coming up in 17 days! (who's counting though?!)  We are headed to Florida!  We'll spend most of our time at Fort Myers Beach where his family owns a condo and then we'll go over to Key West for our last few days and possibly a day in!  We're also going somewhere special in June but we need to finalize the plans.  AND we have a family trip planned for October (I know, planned SUPER early)!
  2. I was ready for summer again back in September.  I hate the cold weather and everything that comes along with it here in Ohio - gray skies, big coats, extra traffic during snow/ice.  Yuck!  Give me some heat and sun!
  3. I haven't even been married for 3 years yet but I want to renew our vows.  I just think it would be fun and romantic.  Not to mention I'd get to have another "wedding"!  I haven't been able to convince the hubster yet......
  4. I hate feet.  I especially hate when people don't wear toe nail polish but they wear open-toed shoes.  I have polish on my toes ALL year....just in case!
  5. I am excited to say that I love going to work every day.  Not many people can say that!
  6. I treat my dogs like my kids.  They are beyond spoiled and I talk to them like they are human.
  7. I'm sad that we don't have any neighbor-friends where we live.  Most people seem to keep to themselves around where we live.  
Now, onto What I'm Wearing Wednesday!  Please noticed my cute new PiNK phone case in the photo!  Im' hoping to protect my lifeline since I drop it constantly. :) Outfit: new floral scarf from Old Navy, basic white v-neck from Kohls, tan 3/4 sleeve cardi, black pants (always), and silver/gunmetal flats from Payless.  I love the cute, cheap scarves you can find at Old Navy right now!  Oh, and I also painted my nails bright pink in hopes that it would make spring come sooner :) I was pleasantly impressed with the quality of this NYC nail polish.  I picked it up at Target for under $1 because I liked the color.  It went on smooth and dried quickly.  Hopefully it will last at least a few days! 

I hope everyone is having a good week!  I finished my report cards this afternoon so I'm feeling great!


lmc5004 said...

love your outfit!!!!

Kristina said...

I love the scarf!

TiffanyClark said...

Love your outfit and your seven facts :) Have a wonderful rest of the week! ALMOST FRIDAY!