Sunday, December 12, 2010

Inside Recess....

Am I allowed to not title my blog entries?  I hate coming up with creative names.  Either way, I definitely foresee inside recess for this week.  Check out our first big snow:
For some reason the birds act like I haven't fed them for weeks!  Maybe they're storing up some food and preparing to hibernate.  That's what I want to do!

The hubby and I braved the cold and snow today and went to the store to get a few Christmas gifts and other necessities.  I bought some ingredients for a new mint chocolate cookie recipe I found online....excited!  In other cooking adventures....I made a new creamy cheesy potato dish that was really yummy and really easy.  Sorry I couldn't get a good pic:

I wanted to get the teachers I work with something small for the holidays.  I didn't have a ton of money to spend so I was thinking about making something.  That's when I came across one of my  new favorite blogs: Sisters Stuff!  This blog is SO fun!  There are so many easy ideas for crafts and gifts.  I stole their idea of post-it note holders.  What teacher doesn't need post-its close by?!  Here is their entry:  I made 10 of these and spent less than $2 on each one.......probably close to $1.50.  Here are some pics of what I made.  I also decided to make coordinating pens.

Last weekend Nick and I got to go see the zoo lights.  It was freezing but hot chocolate helped us stay warm.  Here's a pic:
5 more days of school until winter break!  I love my job but I'm super excited to have a break.  I feel like I have a ton left to do for Christmas.  Not only am I not done shopping, but I haven't even started wrapping anything!  I'm hoping I can finish shopping this week (depending on the snow....) and then wrap the first week of break!  At school I got a new tabletop whiteboard easel I had been eying for a while. Our PTO gave each teacher $100 to use on something for the classroom.  Since I'm PT, I got $50.  I was still really excited to get some free money to use for my room!  I also used a coupon on this easel so I only ended up spending $10 out of pocket!  The whiteboard is magnetic (great for our magnetic letters) and the back has storage pockets.  After buying it, I found out that the $1 pocket chart from the Target dollar spot also fits on perfectly!  

A few months ago (time is FLYING), I got my  new Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention kit. They included a flyer for a free color alphabet/consonant cluster poster.  I sent in for it and just got it recently.  The kids love this compared to my old black and white copied version!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah for those who celebrate :)

I have some pictures to post (finally)!

So I've been working at my other job.  It's alright.  Nothing exciting like school but it will be nice to have some extra money!  Anyway, I worked there M/T/W.  Today is my first afternoon off.  The rest of the week I worked 8a-6p with a 30 min lunch (lunch doesn't include travel time).  I really was looking forward to having this afternoon off.....not to bum around but to get stuff at home done!  I had a long to-do list!  Today at school, they asked me to sub.  Now, tell me if I'm a bad person for not taking the job because I feel so guilty!  Here are the circumstances: 1.) The teacher wanted to leave for the afternoon because she wasn't feeling well. (She never seems to feel well.)  2.) The class is a notoriously rowdy group and I would not get a break the entire afternoon (no specials/planning time).  3.) I hadn't had lunch nor did I have anything to eat - I would have to skip lunch.  4.) The secretary called down to ask me to sub at 12:27.  I would have to "report" at 12:30p.  Seriously?  I guess I'm just typing this out so I don't feel as guilty for not helping out one of our teachers......

Ok, onto fun stuff!  I got two of my four new students this week.  I'm waiting on the other 2 to turn in forms required for intervention.  One of my new kids didn't get to come to class today.  Reason: he is suspended.  (Reminder: he's in 3rd grade.)  Oh dear.  I'm going to have my hands full with that group!

I promised some photos from the OSU/Michigan game so here you are.  Let's not forget Ohio State won again (37-7)!  GO BUCKS! We went tailgating first.  We left home around 8:30a (we took coffee)!  It was freezing but really fun.

Last week I started decorating for Christmas.  Last night we finally got around to getting our tree up and decorated!  Here are some pictures of my holiday decor.  I know it's not anything great but it's not something I love to spend a lot of $ on....a lot of this is stuff I have been given as gifts or hand-me-downs!

This little banner is a gift from my mother-in-law.  I had a few lighthouses in my family room so she thought I wanted to start collecting EVERYTHING lighthouse.  Ha!