Monday, September 6, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things....

Day 6 - 20 of my favorite things.  They should have called this challenge the "favorite" challenge.  I'm getting annoyed with it!  Anyway, here we go...

  1. My husband <3  (I know, corny! I can't live without him, though!)
  2. My doggies.  They're the best cuddle monsters!
  3. My family and friends :)
  4. Mascara.  Without this, I would always have tired eyes!
  5. Caffeine. Can't. Live. Without. It!
  6. The Internet.  Seriously, when I have a question, I get online.  When I'm bored, I get online.  When I want to talk to my friends, I shoot them an email.  I can't live without the internet anymore!
  7. Double Chocolate Milano cookies.  This is a new obsession of mine.  I always need a bag in the freezer!
  8. My flat iron - the easiest way to cure a bad hair day!
  9.  Labelmakers.  I love organization and I have to resist from labeling everything in my house!
  10. Containers.  I have yet to visit The Container Store because I know I would spend every dime I have.  Putting everything into little containers makes me happy for some reason.
  11. Nivea chapstick.  I go through tubes of this like crazy, love it!
  12. Coupons/Sales!  I am a bargain queen and I can't resist a good deal :)
  13. The beach.  I love laying in the warm sun and listening to the waves crash and the birds chirp...HEAVEN!
  14. Fresh baked cookies...delish!
  15. My job.  I'm lucky to have a job that I is probably one of the most rewarding careers out there!
  16. My ipod.  
  17. DVR. How did I ever live without this?!
  18. Jewelry.  Although I never go crazy with accessories (I'm known to almost always wear silver everything!) I can't leave the house without at least earrings!
  19. Target.  How could I almost forget about this?  Target is my favorite "everything" store. There is one a few minutes from my house and I'm there way too often!  
  20. Shopping.  Retail therapy is the best!  Lately I've been searching for some new work clothes.  My new job is a little more casual than I'm used to so I need to adjust my wardrobe a bit :)
Now I need to brag about a deal I found (see, #12 is true)!  Nick & I were at Bed Bath & Beyond returning a gift and I spotted some patio chairs (reclining "relaxers") outside on clearance.  I've had my eye on these chairs for a while but they were originally $60 so I never bothered to look twice.  Now they were on clearance for $29.99!  I decided I needed to go back with two 20% off coupons.  I also discovered I had a $25 gift card left over from my birthday so my total (for TWO chairs) was only $26 out of pocket!  Score.  I can't wait to lay out next summer :) 

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