Sunday, September 5, 2010

Catch Up......

I knew I wouldn't be good at this challenge!  I need to do two days today....

Day 4 - your favorite book.  My current favorite is super nerdy because it's related to work.  It's a book called When Readers Struggle by Fountas & Pinnell.  I have this book from the library and I've had to renew it twice, return it and check it out again already!  I should probably buy it but I honestly need to wait until I get paid :/  My other favorite books would be hard to choose.  It's easier to just choose favorite authors.  I really enjoy reading James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks and for a funny book, I like Sophie Kinsella (also known as Madeleine Wickham). 

Day 5 - your favorite quote.  I have a ton of quotes that come to mind when I think of favorite quotes but there are two simple quotes that I really like.  "Love is friendship set to music" - that was the quote we had on our wedding programs.  The other quote I really like is "Never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about".

When I woke up today, it was under 50°.  That is NOT my cup of tea.  I like warm weather and I was freezing!  It turned out to be a really pretty day though so we picked up some smoothies (had a buy one get one free coupon) and took a walk at the local metro park!

I figured it's also a good time to post up a picture I took from the first BUCKEYE game of the season!  Hopefully our first win (45-7) will be a sign of what's to come :)   O-H!

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