Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Does it always have to get worse before it gets better?!

I just realized I skipped day 20 of the challenge.  How annoying!  Anyway, I'm in the middle of cleaning/organizing my office.  This has been on my to-do list for a while but I kept putting it off because I knew that once I started, it would get worse before it got better.  Right now, I'm at the worst stage...the room is a mess and I'm stuck in the middle of it!  I know I'll feel better when it's done but right now I'm going crazy.  I don't know where to put anything and I feel like I want everything OUT of the room so I can start with a clean slate! least I finally hung up my degree :)

Now to play some catch-up on the challenge....

Day 20 - a hobby of yours.  I like to scrapbook but I really haven't done very many.  I made one for my mom's birthday one year, one for our wedding, one for our honeymoon and a digital scrapbook for a cruise we went on with family.  I have fun doing it but like I said - haven't done a ton...I never have much to scrapbook about!  I guess when I have kids I will have plenty :)

Day 22 - a website.  I don't like this one.  What kind of website?  I guess I like  It has reviews on various beauty products and also a forum that you can chat with other gals (and guys)!  It's a fun place to go but I always want to go shopping after reading the reviews!

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