Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Pet Accessory and Anticipation Guides...

Good news: I found out today that I have another 1-year contract for my current position!  I am so relieved AND excited that I can still apply for other opportunities.  My current position is Title Reading but it's only a 50% position so I'm hoping I'll be able to find a FT position and transfer BUT I'm happy just to have a job!

About a week or two ago, Dixie decided to chew through her harness.  I usually don't leave it on her, but I was planning on going for a walk when the rain died down (as any of you Ohioans know, the rain NEVER died down).  Anyway, this was the third harness Dixie has chewed through.  The old harnesses were AKC brand that I found at Target.  I'm not sure why I kept buying them, they were hard to take on and off and our groomer could never figure them out!  After Dixie chewed through her third harness, I decided it was time to find something new.  I found the Puppia Soft Dog Harness on Amazon.  They came in the mail today and they're great!  Very easy to take on and off and a size small fit Chip & Dixie perfectly!  We haven't been on a walk yet so they don't understand what the harnesses are.  I'm pretty sure Chip thought it was an outfit, he wasn't thrilled.
If you're looking for a harness, I definitely would recommend this brand!

Note: I was not in any way recruited by Puppia to promote their product!

While browsing Mrs. Lochridge's blog, First Grade Factory, I found this fun anticipation guide.  I've been wanting to use an anticipation guide with my kids for a while so this gave me the incentive to go ahead and try it out!  I meant to email her design to my school email (I don't get on blogs at school), but I forgot so I had to create my own from memory!  I created one very similar to her design (thanks for the idea, Mrs. Lochridge!) and used it today with some Scholastic Science Vocabulary Readers that I bought during the Scholastic Dollar Deals sale (read more about that here).  Here is a picture of my version of the anticipation guide and a few student work samples.  I had them record the page # where they found the "proof" of true/false.  Next time I think I may add a column for the page #.

P.S. I know I haven't been doing 'What I'm Wearing Wednesday' lately.  I'm bored with it and don't want to post the same outfits since I wear the same things a lot so I decided it shall be no more.  I may still post fun new outfits every now and then though.....

Last, but not least, there is a fun giveaway going on over at Mrs. Patton's Patch!  Check it out here!  FOUR people have the chance to win!! 

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Married...with a Pup said...

Those harnesses are absolutely adorable. AND as an Ohioian, I can definitely say I feel your pain and would like the rain to go away! PS- Newly following!