Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Tail Wagging Tuesday!

I'm excited to link up with CMae again!  This week's topic is Your Pet's Favorite Toy.
It's hard to pick just one favorite toy since Chip and Dixie have an overflowing toy box and they usually have 50%  or more OUT of the box!  Chip loves playing fetch with his Kongs, but he also loves his "nubbins".  This is his 2nd and 3rd one because he chews off the little nubs and it basically falls apart.  He carries it everywhere and sometimes tries to carry two at a time!  Dixie loves stuffed toys but destroys them in .5 seconds so she doesn't get them very often.  This football is her favorite toy to bring me when she wants to play fetch!

Another favorite toy at our house is the "food ball".  I found this at Petsmart and my doggies love it so much I have to hide it!  You put food in it and they kick it around to make the kibbles fall out of the hole.  I originally bought this for Dixie when our vet mentioned she was getting some extra "chub" (shhh, don't tell her)!  This food ball is bigger than Chip & Dixie's heads but Chip somehow manages to carry it around.  Cracks me up!


Michelle said...

AW they are so cute! Love their names!! Dogs are so sweet :)


Married...with a Pup said...

Thanks so much for stopping by ; ) I'm going to have to check out that food ball for Brutus...he would love it!