Sunday, April 10, 2011

7 Favorite (non-teaching) things.....

I'm linking up with Katie of Persnickety Pickles to share 7 of my favorite things.....non-teaching!

1. My wonderful hubby!  He's my best friend and he makes me so happy every day.  Still not sure what I did to deserve him but I feel so lucky! <3
2. My family.  Of course, I love ALL of my family, but I'm lucky to be super-extra close to my mom and my sis.  I love having that close family relationship where I can talk to them about anything and call them at any hour of the night if I need to.  <3 you guys!!
We're twins, I know!

3. My pups.  These babydolls ARE my kids right now!  They are beyond spoiled and I love them like crazy.  They always make me happy!
4. Coffee and/or caffeine.  I seriously don't know what I'll do when I am prego.  I have an addiction and I need my coffee in the morning!  Any caffeine will probably do, but I prefer some coffee with flavored creamer.  If I'm not in the mood to be so frugal, I love my Starbucks, too!
5. Target.  Seriously, I have two locations within about 7 minutes from my house.  Do I even have to explain why Target is so great to me?!  The dollar spot, the clothes, the shoes, the home decor, the food, the prices.  And have I mentioned that both stores close to me have a Starbucks inside?!  Love Target.  I'm going today with my sis and I can't wait!
 6. My girlfriends.  I love these girls and I can't imagine life without some of them!  Every time we hang out, we have so much fun and I love them for that!  We're the type of friends where if we don't see each other for a while, we pick up right where we left off.  Love that!  (obviously I prefer to see them always though!)
Super old picture, but it's hard to find one of everyone!
7. I would have to say my phone.  It sounds dumb but I love that I can do pretty much anything with it anywhere I am.  I can check my email, check my blog, get online, play games (Angry Birds, anyone?), listen to my music, get GPS directions when I get lost, snap a few pictures, text my friends, call my family........seriously!  I can't live without this anymore!
Photo courtesy of Google but it looks JUST like my phone!

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Mrs. D said...

Your pups are TOO cute! :)

Katie said...

target is amazing. that is all! :)

Thanks for joining!