Thursday, April 28, 2011

Decorating ideas? Please!

Today I stopped by Michael's to pick up some materials in an attempt to create these DIY jute balls.  I found this project on my new favorite blog, Thrifty and Chic.  Alicia has really fun, cheap ideas on her blog!  Head on over and check out her new pets - SO adorable!  I haven't started the jute ball project yet but I will definitely post some pics after I do that!  While at Michael's, I picked up a few goodies for school in the dollar aisle!  A few new puzzles (counting and ABC's), some "super star reader" glasses to motivate readers (I will pop out the lenses), cute pink magnets, and some rings for my prize box....all for $7!

You may remember about a month ago when we had a few areas of our house painted.  (If you don't remember, check out the before and after pics and paint colors here!)  Anyway, I'm now struggling on what to do with my fireplace area.  I don't really want to buy anything so I'm trying to use things I have around the house.  The vases on the right used to be on top of our kitchen cabinets.  I thought this mirror would look nice resting against the wall but I think it looks awkwardPLEASE send some ideas my way!
This is what it looks like currently.

Tried adding the mirror.  Awkward.

Too cluttered!



mrs.tabb said...

I like it as it!! =)

Camille said...

Try turning the mirror sideways.