Monday, August 15, 2011

Freebie Printables for your Classroom!

First of all, will someone PLEASE key me in on how to embed Google Docs in my blog!? I spent WAY too long on this and it doesn't look very pretty! :::::OCD:::: Also, if you are unable to download these files, please let me know!!

I made these the other night and wanted to share! I'm hanging the "Is your name on your paper?" sign above my turn-in bin. The money poster and weather graph are for my calendar board.

Please leave a comment if you were able to use these documents! If I'm putting my stuff out here, I want to make sure it's worth my time and people are actually able to use it! :)


Mrs. Krull said...

I struggled with this forever. Here is a link to a post where I tried to explain it after I figured it out. Hope it helps and makes sense!

Lauren Morse said...

I just upload my files to Google Docs and then take a screen shot of my PDF file. I put the picture on my blog and then create a link. Hope that helps.

megandw said...

Thanks for the money poster with the new penny!

Mrs. Mac said...

I've embedded google docs accidently (meaning, I don't know how to replicate it!) once or twice. I usually just use scribd because it's easier. It's free, too. If you ever figure it out, would you let us know? :) First Class with Mrs. Mac