Friday, August 19, 2011

Classroom Update...finally!

Back to school today!  Not with the kiddos until next Tuesday but today starts our "required" time back for meetings and PD.  Already have my coffee in hand! :)

I've been working hard in both classrooms and finally have some photos to share!  I don't know if I'll ever feel totally "done" but I'm at least satisfied with both rooms for now.  Since I teach intervention at both schools, I will not have students right away because we need to assess and identify the students who will be receiving special services.  This is why I don't have any fun class stuff up yet!  To see some before pictures check here and here!

Classroom A (reading intervention)
got my crayon wreath up!

My needs some personalization!

Kidney table :)

Most of the stuff on the bookshelf is to hang up, that shelf will be for library books!

I'll be getting rid of those green crates but I have to clean out the filing cabinet :/

I still need to make some labels for the blue baskets on top!

Reader ratings board.  This year I'm just going to have them post books with sticky notes I think instead of "voting".
This super creepy homemade pointed was in my cabinet. 

 Here is a before and after view from my door.  Progress?

Classroom B (kindergarten intervention)
My "Writing Workshop" writing center....not finished but almost there!

Meeting area with calendar...I wish I had a cute rug!
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow cards I made for calendar time.

classroom library with new book bin labels!  I'm still not sure what to do with that chalkboard....

cute signs and book hospital from blogland :)

Turn in trays

Teacher area that I'll share with another teacher.  This one also needs some pepping up!

Word wall, computer center, housekeeping, learning targets.

months of the year, classroom rules, maps & presidents

After working all day on both rooms.....tired and hot!
 Here is a before picture.  Sorry I don't have a similar after picture so you'll have to imagine for now!

Any advice for things I should take away or add?!


Catherine said...

looks great!

way to go!!!

Tickled Pink said...

Looks so good. Seriously- youve been working hard!! Great job!!

Melissa said...

I also do the post-its for students to recommend books to read. It hangs right above my class library, and I've seen a few kids using it.
Have you ever tried to try and get a cute rug? It might work.

Hadar said...

So cute!! I love the little door to writer's workshop!! And I totally have those 2 green posters hanging above your book shelves!

Miss Kindergarten

Ms. Rachel said...

Way to Go!

The before and afters are amazing! I'm so glad I dont have to take my room apart during the summer!

Sherrie said...

Looking great! I am in the process of getting my classroom set up and it's a lot of work. :)

Lindsey said...

Em- Your classrooms look amazing! I cant believe how perfect and complete they look, but then again I shouldn't be surprised because you always make everything perfect. I cant wait to come visit. Were you able to use the board I got you for your birthday?!

<3 you!