Thursday, July 21, 2011

Theme Ideas? (and giveaway winner!)

Last year I had the idea of doing a beachy/ocean theme but didn't really carry through with it.  I had a very small classroom since I was a reading teacher.  I used mostly blue containers and had some ocean/fish borders and bulletin characters, but I didn't do much else.  Here are a few pics from the beginning of the year to give you an idea:

This year, I would love to do some sort of easy theme with my afternoon class.  I'm going to be teaching reading in the morning (no theme, maybe just the ocean decor since I'll be at a new school and can re-use my old stuff).  In the afternoon, I'll have kindergartners who are in a full day program (our district only has 1/2 day kindy still).  My class will be students who need that extra support to make it to 1st grade by next year (mostly students who haven't had many educational opportunities before coming to kindergarten).

I might possibly be sharing a classroom (still waiting to hear from my principal).  If that's the case, I might not be able to go through with a theme.  However, I want to at least have some ideas...I could always do it in the future!  I was thinking about something that will be easy to establish during my first year in this room (if I have it to myself, that is).  Maybe a star theme or something.........  What do you think?

I have a few ideas to go with the star theme, but I'm still not sure if I'm in love with it.  I like that I could use any colors I want and I could easily integrate stars pretty much anywhere.  I just don't know if it's enough of a theme........

Here are some of my ideas so far:
  • Reading Under the Stars (hang stars from ceiling and white twinkle lights, if allowed)
  • STAR folders (Students Taking Academic Responsibility)
  • Reaching for the Stars bulletin board with student goals
  • Rising and Falling Stars for behavior (not so sure about this one....found it on a forum)
  • All Stars bulletin board to display student work
  • Stargazer newsletter
  • Super Star Readers
  • Mrs. P's Shining Stars or Mrs. P's Superstars

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P.P.S.  I won another giveaway!!  I am really excited to share that I won Shasta Anne's Clarisonic giveaway!  I'm seriously so excited, wahoo!  Head on over to Shasta Anne's blog and check it out!  If you're interested in fashion and girly stuff, I promise you won't be disappointed :)


Brunette & Blessed said...

so jealous you won! thats awesome!

Ashley said...

ahh, awesome that you won this!! Jealous!!! Let me know how it works!