Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Let's be honest (totally reminds me of Michael Kors), I am lazy and (once again) have not uploaded my latest pictures from my camera!  I only have a few pictures to share today and they're from my cell phone.  :/ 

Trick or Treat was Thursday night for us.  I honestly don't know why my city chooses not to have it on Halloween but it caused for a long Friday with a bunch of kids hopped up on sugar at school!  We got a good amount of trick or treaters.  My favorite costume was a little puppy dog.  I also liked the boys dressed up as Iron Man with a mask that seemed like you couldn't see through it AT ALL!  Poor kids!  Here is a pic of Chip and Dixie waiting for the trick or treaters:

We carved pumpkins the night before Trick or Treat and they turned out pretty cute.  I'll let you guess which was mine :)

p.s. Why is it SO hard for me to get my pictures next to each other on blogger?!  It drives me bonkers.

I keep saying I'm going to rate some movies on here and I finally decided to use a grading scale - A/B/C/D/F.  Today I'll rate a few that we've watched recently....

1. Sherlock Holmes - This movie was pretty good.  It isn't my "type" of movie.  I'm weird and I'm not into movies that have costumes because they rarely seem realistic to me.  However, they did a pretty good job with this.  Robert Downey, Jr. was entertaining as Sherlock and Jude Law was a great Watson.  There were a few funny parts but I have to admit that I fell asleep during one of the slow parts.  (Note: I fall asleep during most movies...)  I love Rachel McAdams so I was glad to see her in this movie.  The movie had a pretty good storyline and was entertaining throughout but it was not something I would buy or watch again.  I give this movie a B because it kept me entertained for most of the movie.

2. Marley and Me - I have been wanting to watch this movie for a while.  Unfortunately someone spoiled the ending for me a long time ago but I still was interested in watching it.  This came in the mail from Netflix and sat on our TV stand for weeks (possibly over a month) before I could convince Nick to watch it with me!  We finally watched it and I was a little disappointed.  It starts out as a feel good movie but there isn't really a good storyline.  The movie follows Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Grogan) and Owen Wilson (John Grogan) through the ups and downs of their relationship.  I didn't fall asleep during this movie but I have to say that I was upset that the movie was happier in the beginning than in the end.  Maybe I'll read the book.  The book is always better.  I gave this movie a C because I was disappointed with the ending and the lack of a solid storyline.  I have to admit though, Marley was super cute!

3. The Social Network - I wasn't dying to see this movie until I heard good reviews from everyone who had seen it.  I decided I better go check it out so Nick & I went to see it at our favorite theater, The Movie Tavern.  (Dinner and drinks during the movie?  Yes please!)  I have seen Jesse Eisenberg (Mark Zuckerberg) in a few other films and I really like his acting style.  For some reason he reminds me of Michael Cera....does anyone else agree?  I have to say this movie did not disappoint me.  I think it's definitely geared toward a certain age group.  (I'm not good with generations...)   In other words, older people probably would not enjoy this movie.  However, I'm starting to wonder how many of my friends' grandparents have facebook!  Most of our parents do. :)  Back to the review - because this movie is based on a true "story", it obviously had a great plot.  The movie was easy to follow and kept my interest.  There were also a lot of funny parts.  I was happily surprised with Justin Timberlake's performance as the founder of Napster, Sean Parker.  I would recommend this movie if you are as addicted to Facebook as I am!


lmc5004 said...

I like how you photoshopped your grades!!! Cute =) Also, I have been wanting to see social network, I need to soon!

Emily said...

Thanks..I was trying to be creative :) I hope you're enjoying Chi-town, I'm so jealous!