Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Fun!

I have to say that up until today, I was loving the weather lately!  We've been in the 70's almost every day and sometimes even hit high 70's!  Today we had some crazy storms but it made for a pretty rainbow:

I also discovered a new favorite dessert: caramel apples.  Nick & I went to a pumpkin patch/farm over the weekend and they had the BEST homemade caramel apples with toppings!  I had to get the M&M's and I wasn't at all disappointed:

We've been watching some movies lately so I'll have to rate them within the next few days....

P.S.  I attempted using the crock pot for the first time (we got it 2.5 years ago at our wedding!) and my meal was a failure!  I tried to make some chicken dish and the chicken turned out tough :/  Any recipes to share?  I can't believe I've owned this thing for so long and never used it!  (The "little dipper" that came with it is awesome though!)

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