Monday, October 18, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!

It's another gray, gloomy, rainy evening....winter blues are setting in early for me!  However, as much as I can't stand the rain (Missy Elliot anyone?!), I really am glad it's not TOO cold yet.  I really really really can't stand cold weather or SNOW!  Yuck.

I've decided I'm a bad blogger.  I never know what to write about.  I'm sure my life updates aren't too exciting but what else is there to say on here?!  I have three followers - including myself!  If you read and don't follow, please follow so I feel less like a loser talking to myself!

Last Friday was a day off school for the kiddos but of course, I had a teacher work day.  It was centered around technology so we had a bunch of classes we could choose to take.  For elementary, there weren't many options.  I ended up taking a class about how to use the FLIP camera in the classroom, a class on SMARTboards, and a class on teacher web pages.  Nothing too exciting.  I did learn of a valuable resource for SMARTboard lessons:  This website has a TON of teacher-created SMARTboard lessons.  I am not fortunate enough to have a board in my own room but these can also be used on the computer.  Our school has a laptop cart so I am considering letting kids do some of the interactive lessons on the laptops....should be fun :)  While I was at technology "training", I had my hubby go and buy me the magnetic letters I had been wanting for weeks.  A new teacher store opened in town and had these 50% off for their grand opening sale - yay! 

We've had some issues with a critter in the backyard.  A month or so ago, we found some huge holes that someone had dug near the side of our house.  I caught the culprit today and he wasn't shy at all...just feasting on fallen birdseed!  (Sorry for a picture of a picture...I was too lazy to find the U/L cord for our camera!)
And last but not least...a picture of my cuddlebug doggies to make everyone smile.  They're so lazy in the morning, it makes it hard to get out of bed on a chilly day!

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