Sunday, November 7, 2010

Picture Crazy!

Once again, I'm an awful blogger!  I need to work on posting more.  Either way...this post may be a bit picture crazy but posts with pictures are fun to read, right?!

First I will talk about school since my blog is callled 'Playground Duty' and I rarely end up talking about school!  I made the kiddos little goodie bags for Halloween.  Each bag had a Halloween pencil, eraser, bookmark and candy.  They were SO's the little stuff :)
I had my evaluation a few weeks ago and it went great!  I was a little nervous since this was my first time being evaluated by this principal.  I got excellent feedback and my kids were little angels during the observation. :)  I made a few changes in my room....added some crates and storage, added a "consonant chunk corner", and a few other small things.  I also have started putting up student work in the hall.  They are so excited to see their work with their photo on it.  Here are some recent pics of my home away from home:

Now for my latest culinary adventures.  I'm trying to learn to become more domestic.  If you know me, you would laugh because you know I am completely UNdomestic!  However, I think I'm becoming quite the baker!  Cooking is another story though.  Last week I made my first ever batch of no-bake cookies.  With all of the cookies I've ever made, I have no idea how I've never made these!  Yum.  They were delicious.
This week I was still on the chocolate/PB kick so I made "Buckeye" Bars aka Reese's Bars.  They are chilling in the fridge right now so I'll have to let you know how they taste later.  For this recipe, I needed a double broiler which I do not have.  After a quick google search (did I mention Google is my BFF?), I found a method to create a make-shift double broiler!  Here are some pics from the Buckeye Bar project:

And lastly, I made some homemade pizza rolls.  Anyone who knows me and my husband knows we LOVE pizza!  These pizza rolls were fairly easy to make (besides the rolling and cutting) and they tasted like heaven!  I need to work on my presentation but like I said....they tasted amazing!

P.S. I have to give credit to this amazing blog where I find a ton of my recipes.  Her blog is fun to read and has a variety of yummy recipes!  If I can make them, anyone can!  Check her out!

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