Saturday, October 9, 2010

I hate naming each post....

So the weather is great today and the forecast for tomorrow is even better!  Today: high of 81° and sunny!  Tomorrow: high of 85° and sunny!  I wanted to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend since the weather is so awesome but Nick said it's too early still.  I disagree - it's already October 9th, 3 weeks before Halloween weekend!  Does anyone know what they are dressing up as yet?

Speaking of Halloween, I put out some of my "fall"/Halloween decorations.  They're pretty pathetic because I have basically none but that's ok - I'd rather have less boxes in my basement since these decorations only stay out for about a month.

Not much else going on today.........going to watch the game while I do some work for school.  After getting my curriculum, I realized there is a TON of work to do to get it prepped/organized.  I had to go buy a bunch of containers/crates and over 200 baggies.  Luckily I already had some hanging files and labels and cardstock.  Ugh....lots of labeling and cutting in my future!  

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