Monday, September 19, 2011

These are my confessions...

Miss Megan from Kindergarten Teacher Tales is hosing a Teacher Confessions Linky Party! 

In case any of you are new to my blog, I teach reading intervention in the mornings and kindergarten intervention in the afternoons.  This is my second year teaching [plus a year of subbing], and this is my first year working in two buildings as a "traveling teacher".  Here are my confessions.............
  • I have been assessing, assessing, assessing, and I'm ready to just TEACH!  
  • I have a "favorite" school out of my two buildings.  The main reasons I prefer that school over the other is because of the staff, students, and organization with procedures!
  • I may or may not eat junk for breakfast on stressful assessment days.  Junk = donut, cookie, brownie, etc.  I can't wait to have some kiddos so I won't have time to eat that junk!
  • I loathe bus duty every. single. day.  At my morning school, I have bus duty every day, all year.  Let's just say when it rains or snows, I will not be thrilled.
  • When the rest of the intervention team didn't wait for me for the yearbook photo, my feelings were secretly hurt.  No sympathy needed here though, I'm over it.  Like I said, I have a favorite school.....
  • I love that I have someone to plan with for kindergarten intervention!  There are two other teachers who teach the same thing and we've been having so much fun sharing ideas.  
  • I'm a little nervous about not having materials for my reading intervention.  Last year we were able to use Title I funding to buy a Fountas and Pinnell LLI kit.  This year, I might be on my own.  Talking to my principal Monday about looking into Reading A-Z so I can at least have a good selection of books!  Anyone else have a cost effective idea for small group reading intervention?
  • I share a room at my afternoon school and I haven't taken my brand new amazing easel in because I'm scared it will get ruined (i.e. permanent markers on the dry erase board......eek)!  You can see the easel at the end of this post.
  • I miss my old principal and the staff I worked with last year.  Changing buildings is hard!
Head on over and link up and share your confessions!

P.S. Don't forget to check out my post from yesterday to get 10 free Scholastic books!


Brunette & Blessed said...

Gave you an award today on my blog...stop by and check it out if you have a mins :)

Emily said...

I love reading a to z!!! I use it everyday in my classroom. I hope your principal lets you get it!!!

bnwalton said...

Aww, your yearbook story makes me sad :( I feel the same way...I am so tired of assessing my students...I'm ready to teach them! Also, I'm totally with you on the easel. I break into hives at the thought of something really nice being ruined!

Married...with a Pup said...

Ugh, I would hate bus duty as least you could have somebody to switch off with!! And, I feel so bad about the yearbook....not nice at all!