Monday, January 17, 2011

My addictions.....

These are a few of my favorite things.....!  Obviously I'd be wrong not to mention my wonderful hubby or adorable doggies, here are a few pictures of the man and fur-babies I can't live without.
There are also some material things that I am currently obsessed with.  I'm not saying I'm super materialistic but these items really help me to get through my days - especially at school!  So here are 10 things that I couldn't live without (at this time....haha)!


1. Coffee.  Starbucks is the best but I often get Tim Hortons in an attempt to save some $.  I only buy these things 1-3 times each week.  On those other days, I use creamer at home or work.  Yum!
 2. Google.  I. Google. Everything.  Literally!  I have a natural curiosity that I can't ignore.  If I'm curious, I will google.  On my phone, on my desktop, on my laptop - anywhere I can google!  I <3 Google.  And yes, Google is a noun and verb in my life.

 3. Chapstick.  I can't live without this stuff, especially in the winter.  I have one in my purse, one on my nightstand, one at my vanity, one in my desk drawer.....the list goes on!  For some reason, I'm always worried I'll lose one and I just can't handle that.  Nivea is my favorite but I occasionally use Burt's Bees as well.

 4. Target.  I have a total Target addiction.  If I don't go there at least once each week, I don't feel fulfilled!  I can't go to Target without checking the dollar spot.  I love how Target has everything!  There is a Target less than 5 minutes from my house AND it has a Starbucks in the store.  Heaven.
5. My Sedu flat iron.  I could probably live without this but I wouldn't choose to!  I love that I can wake up with total bed head after showing in the evening and then smooth out all the messies!  My new curling iron is fun too but I can definitely live without it since I wear my hair straight most days.

6. Clorox Wipes. At home, I just use a spray bottle (usually Clorox GreenWorks natural, all purpose cleaner).  At school, I love these Clorox wipes!  I prefer lemon scented, so fresh!  The kids love to use these as well and they're so handy!

7. Candles.  I love burning candles!  Sitting in a candlelit room is so relaxing and Bath & Body Works has some amazing scents!  I love the Slatkin & Co. candles at Bath & Body Works.  I usually try to get the 2 for $20 deal and stock up on some good scents.  Right now, I have quite a few in my cabinet so I'm trying to avoid Bath & Body for a while. :)
8. Anti-Stress Lotion.  I love any Johnson's product for the affordability and quality.  I have sensitive skin and Johnson's is great for that!  My favorite lotion lately is their 'Melt Away Stress' body lotion.  I buy a trial size in the travel aisle of Target for $1 and just use it as hand lotion.  The scent isn't overwhelming at all but it really is relaxing!
9. Containers.  I'm not sure why, but I love to put everything into containers.  At home, I don't have as many containers but I do have a lot of drawer organizers.  My husband makes fun of me for putting organizers in our "junk" drawers.  At school, it's another story.  EVERYTHING has it's place and most of the time, that place is a container!  I've found some great deals on Sterilite drawer cards and file boxes at Big Lots.  Target has a lot of book boxes and other school-related containers.  Having everything "contained" just makes me feel better.  I know, I'm weird.
10. School Supplies.  I've always loved buying school supplies.  Aren't new pens so exciting?!  I got a few gift cards to a teacher store near by and I can't wait to go use them!  I get overly excited about stuff for my classroom or crafting stuff for home.  I'm a nerd.  For Christmas, my amazing hubby bought me an easel!  I can't really use it in my small reading room this year but *hopefully* I can use it in my own classroom next year.....with my first graders(?!)......fingers crossed. :)

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