Friday, September 16, 2011

DIY Key Rack Project

This project wasn't totally DIY....just a little.  I've been wanting a key rack for a while because I'm sick of throwing our keys on the island.  A while ago, I had a Pottery Barn organizer hanging up, but I took it down when I painted and patched the [huge] holes it left in the wall.  I loved that organizer, but I think I want to use it in my office space was too dark and big for my kitchen!

I found this smaller key rack at Tuesday Morning and picked it up even though I wasn't happy with the wood color.  Our house has a weird orangey stain throughout so it's very hard to "match".  I know that everything doesn't have to match, but I at least want it to coordinate and I felt like this clashed.  For some reason, though....I still bought the key rack!

I had the key rack in a cabinet for a few months and finally decided to do something with it.  I got out some paper scraps, letter stickers, and mod podge and created something that matched our decor a little better.  What do you think?
Dixie is a great helper!

before (espresso stain) with materials

after!  mounted right next to our garage door.

What DIY projects have you done lately? 


Katie said...

I LOVE IT! It looks are so crafty!!! :)

Brunette & Blessed said...

I love this! so stinkin cute!

Ashley said...

very cute!

Kathy S said...

Very cute. Your dog is adorable as well.

Kristin said...

Super cute and I am ready to babysit Dixie anytime!!! :)
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