Saturday, May 14, 2011

Teachers Love Free Stuff!

This year, our school family lost a former employee.  While she had been out of school for over a year because of her illness, it looked like things were turning around for the better.  She left us unexpectedly after an unfortunate brain aneurysm.  Her husband, daughters, and family have been very gracious and strong through this difficult time.  Recently, her husband contacted our school and said that he had gathered all of Cherryl's teaching materials and would love for teachers to stop by and see what we might be able to use in our own classroom.  As a first year teacher, I am still working on gathering books, supplies, storage, materials, etc.  I was hesitant to stop by since I had never met Cherryl but one of my co-workers talked me into it.  I'm so glad I went.  Memories of Cherryl were shared and I was able to meet her great family.  I also picked up a load of things for my classroom (for free!).  I hope to some day be half as inspiring as Cherryl.  Here is a quick pic of some of her things that will now be used in my next classroom:
Thank you to Cherryl's family for allowing her memory to be carried on with fellow educators.


Hadar said...

very sweet that she is able to pass on her love of teaching to others :)

Katie said...

Hi Emily! Just wanted to let you know I'm having a $25 giveaway to a restaurant in Columbus on my blog today so you should check it out and have your friends or family enter too! :)

hope you had a good weekend! xo.