Monday, May 23, 2011

Animals :)

These little dudes have been hanging out behind our neighborhood.  I usually am not a fan of the Canada Geese but these little white goslings are so precious!  I don't know why they're white, I've only seen yellow goslings before!  Any ideas?  Either way, they live near my neighborhood so I see them all the time!

I'm a birdwatcher.  I know it seems boring to some people and it's typically a hobby for the elderly but I think it's so fun to attract new birds to our yard.  Plus I love sitting on the patio hearing the birds chirp!  Here are some of our recent friends who stopped by (please ignore our beautiful backdrop of industrial buildings):
Husband and Wife Goldfinches :)

Rose Breasted Grosbeak - 1st siting!

Red-Bellied Woodpecker
 This may be hard to believe but in the 6 years we have lived at this house, we have NEVER seen a squirrel in our neighborhood.  We have no mature trees so I wasn't sure if they would ever come.  I saw this little guy last week, he has only stopped by twice (that I know of), but he's already getting into trouble!
Eating some leftover seed, thanks for helping clean up!

Guilty!  Luckily he couldn't figure out how to get to our feeders....

Can you spot the squirrel?  LOL
We also have tons of bunnies this year.  There are some living in our lily garden (luckily they aren't eating the lilies) and we also have a bunny den in another garden near our patio.  This is one of the bunnies from our lily garden:

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