Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Reading?

I'm sad that I'm not participating in Tail Wagging Tuesday this week.  Unfortunately, all of my videos are on my desktop and the internet hasn't been working on it for ages....I guess I need a new network card.  Obviously I also need to upload some of my videos to YouTube!  

Can anyone else not wait to see the movie Bridesmaids?  I think it looks hilarious!  I was also excited to see Something Borrowed.  I was hoping to read the book first, but when my friend Mandy invited me to see it this week, I couldn't pass up her offer!  The movie was super cute.  Thanks for the invite, Mandy...I had fun on our date!  The movie was not something I would buy or watch again, but it was a fun, cute chick flick.  I really loved John Krasinski in the movie even though he didn't play a huge role.

I haven't been reading as much as I like to, but I've read a few good books lately:

The Help was SO good!  I can't wait to see the movie when it comes out in August.  I usually don't care for historical fiction, but this really wasn't historical at all.  It seems very realistic, yet hard to believe at the same time.  Unbearable Lightness is a great memoir.  I love Ellen and she had her wife on the show to promote her book so I had to read it.  Does anyone have any suggestions for summer reading?

P.S. I bought a new dress for one of my best friend's baby showers!  I am so excited to help Lindsey welcome Foster Everett into this world!!  Now that the weather has been warming up in Ohio (finally), I am totally ready for some summer clothes!  How cute is this dress for $17?!  I sent this picture to my good friend Kelli to see if it was a yes or no.  She immediately called me to say she had bought the same dress 2 days ago....ha!  Great minds think alike :)


Dual Kinder Teacher said...

I loved The Help!!! I read it in 2 days! My daughter suggested it and I saw the preview when I saw Water for Elephants (this was also a pretty good read:)

Luria Learning said...

I loved reading The Help. What a great book.


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Mandy said...

Love that dress! I need it for myself! :) where is it from, and $17 seriously? what a great deal!