Friday, January 14, 2011

Worst Blogger Ever!

Yep, that's me!  I have been really busy with working both jobs and trying to start after school tutoring.  I know I shouldn't make excuses...they're boring to read about.

SO.....I kind of forgot that I was going to review movies on this site, haha!  Since I haven't uploaded any pictures from my camera lately, here are a few movies we watched recently!

 A while ago, the hubby and I went to see a movie.  It was sold out so we decided to see 'The Other Guys'.  Even though this wasn't the movie we had planned to see, I'm so glad we did!  It was really entertaining and who doesn't love Will Ferrell?  Ferrell played somewhat of a nerdy character in this and Mark Wahlberg was constantly annoyed with him.  The movie had a good balance of action and comedy.  IMDB gives this a rating of 6.7/10.  I suggest adding this to your Netflix queue!

'Book of Eli'.  I honestly don't know who added this to our Netflix queue.  It isn't something I would ever choose and the hubby denies adding it?!  Either way, I figured a Denzel Washington flick couldn't be too bad!  One good sign is that I stayed awake through the entire film, haha!  The movie had great special effects and pretty good acting (except for the guy who played Carnegie...not a fan of him at all!).  However, the plot was very boring and unfulfilling (is that a word?!).  The whole idea of a post-apocalyptic society kind of creeps me out.  IMDB gives this movie a 6.9 out of 10.  You decide if you're curious enough to rent it.....I wouldn't recommend it though! 

Last, but not least, 'She's Out of My League'.  During the first few minutes of this movie, I told my hubby, "This looks like it isn't going to be so great."  In the end, though, I ended up enjoying this movie!  'She's Out of My League' is a romantic comedy with one great actor (Jay Baruchel) and a bunch of semi-decent actors (no offense to all of those famous actors reading my blog!).  Jay Baruchel does a great job playing the nerdy main character, Kirk.  The whole movie is easily explained by the title.  Kirk (Baruchel) meets a girl who he thinks is out of his league.  Their dating experience provides a lot of laughs and (of course), there is a happy ending.  This was a feel good movie that I could easily convince my hubby to "at least try it out".  Of course he obliged since the supporting role is a good looking female! 

I hope to post school-related stuff soon!  I am doing a new mini-unit on genres after finding out that my 3rd grade reading students have showed me they need some reviewing!

p.s. Reading other teacher blogs this last week, I was sad to see so many schools got a snow day (or two) and I didn't get one!  Boo!  Maybe I'll get lucky someday soon.  Although I'm not so sure I want anymore snow.....

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