Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Teachers must be FLEXIBLE!

I don't know how many times I've heard that teachers have to be flexible (and patient)!  Today was one of those crazy days where everyone at school had to be flexible.  I got there early to go to a meeting for a family literacy night that I'm helping to plan.  (The literacy night is this Thursday, hope all goes well!)  Anyway, during my meeting, our principal came over the announcements and asked that we read our email about the bathrooms ASAP.  Apparently a water line broke on our property right outside of school.  (Usually this means the school would have to close, not at our school though, haha!)  This meant we were unable to use any bathrooms or drinking fountains - no water at all.  UGH!  As soon as you find out you can't use something, you want to use it.  So, of course, me and a few others felt a sudden urge......grrr!  We had to troop the kids next door to the library or down to a grocery store......disastrous!  Luckily, everyone was flexible. ;)  My principal even had a man walking the halls with a cart of cold bottled water for staff and students!

Oh, my review/evaluation was scheduled for today but got postponed because of the water issue - more flexibility!  I was feeling really ready for the evaluation but I guess I'll feel even more prepared next time!  (Maybe?)

One more thing.........I'm so glad tomorrow is Wednesday......let's get over that hump! :)


Ladybug Teacher said...

Oh wow! Your poor school! I can't imagine having to trek a class over to another location for bathrooms...wow. I hope your week gets a little easier.

PS, good luck with the observation...just had mine again this year. It's always nice to have it over with. :)

Emily said...

Luckily the kids were as flexible as the teachers and they did a pretty good job being patient about the bathroom trips!

Thanks for the good luck - I'm not sure when it will be yet but I'm feeling ready! :)