Monday, January 24, 2011

Picture Post!

I have been crazy obsessed with blog stalking lately!  With my 3-day weekend (thank you, snow day), I had tons of time to stalk, stalk, stalk!  I love stalking craft blogs but I especially love stalking teacher blogs!  What are some of your favorite blogs to stalk?  :)

Craft update!  I got an easel for Christmas (picture in previous post) and it was shipped to my house in a large box.  The box had tons of packaging materials that I saved because I figured they would be good for something.  
I rummaged through my closet and craft boxes and found some fabric that I had used a while back to cover a bulletin board for my office.  I used this material to cover two of the corrugated (?) cardboard pieces and made a picture "frame" and a note holder to match my bulletin board.  I love how it all looks together and it was FREE!  I covered the clothespins on the note holder with some scrapbook paper and mod podge so they weren't so ugly.  I know I'm not a pro-crafter like some of you but I have fun with it anyway. What do you think? 

 Now, onto school stuff!  A while ago, I gave one of my bulletin boards a quick face lift.  I need ideas for how to fill this board.  I only have 3 bulletin boards in my room and I use one as an interactive board for reading activities and one for learning targets.  Any ideas for this's behind my desk so it's not easily accessible!
Lately, my students talk about monster this, monster that.  So I decided to make them some monster bookmarks - they love them!
After school tutoring started a few weeks ago.  I work on literacy skills with a K/1 group of about 16 kiddos.  It's fun, but a little large for "tutoring"....more like a small class!  Either way, I'm trying to think of fun activities for these kids who struggle.  We're focusing on sight words and initial sounds in words.  Any ideas out there for me?  Here is a picture of their name tags they wear.  I initially wrote the names in vis-a-vis thinking I could re-use these tags next year....silly me!  Within 5 minutes of my first meeting, the kids had black and blue marker all over their lips and hands, LOL!  I re-wrote them this past weekend with my trusted sharpies. :)
Finally, the reason why I love my job and continue to say it has got to be one of the most rewarding careers.  I had to talk to another teacher one day and asked my kiddos to wait patiently.  I came back into the room to find this along with 3 smiling faces:
 (Yes, the one on the bottom right called me "Mrs. Manzone", haha.....she said she was rushed.


Ladybug Teacher said...

I know what you mean about the blogs! It is an obsession that has taken over!

I started to follow your site recently, but for some reason it doesn't show my name. ?? Just wanted you to know that I am happily following and looking forward to reading more. I loved seeing your class pictures today!

Hadar said...

I'm glad you linked back to this post, I never saw it the first time! I LOVEEEEE the note holder and picture frame you made!!! so crafty! also, I learned this year that you can erase (like literally with a rubber eraser!) sharpie off of laminated paper. Did you know that?!!?! So you can reuse those cute little fishy name tags! (which I may actually steal your idea and make for my beach theme classroom next year!)