Saturday, January 22, 2011

Number Talks...

Even though I'm a reading teacher, I still enjoy teaching/learning/talking about other subjects.  This year, my district is totally into math everything!  The trendy thing right now is "number talks".  Basically motivating the kiddos to talk about their math.....discuss problems and solutions, justify their answers, etc.  I love this and when I was reading one of my favorite blogs, The First Grade Parade, her post reminded me of number talks!  I'm definitely sharing this with my kids when we have an extra minute! 

There are 4 dates this year that all share the same numbers…
Well, did you know that if you take the last two digits of your birth year & add them to the age you’re turning this year, you’ll get 111?!?!  Is that numerical magic or what?!  Try it for yourself and see!!! 

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lmc5004 said...

You are such a dork but I love you for it! :D

and I did know about all the "1" dates, I mentioned it to a few patients recently. Chris's Bday (amies husband) is 11/11/11!