Friday, April 27, 2012

36 and progressing!

At 36 weeks pregnant, some doctors consider me full term!  (Dr. G won't consider me full term until next week and I'm fine with that!)  It's still crazy for me to think that I'm 8 months pregnant and that Carson could honestly come ANY day!  I know this post is late but I wanted to wait to post until after my 36 week check-up!

According to the Bump, Carson weighs about as much as a Coconut.  To be honest, that just makes me want to go somewhere tropical and soak up the sun by some palm trees!  Baby Center is once again using a melon for comparison and this week it's a Crenshaw Melon.  Anyone ever have one of those before?  I'm pretty sure I have not!  Baby Center also says "Your baby, almost 6 pounds and still packing on the pounds at a rate of about an ounce a day."  Eeek...hard to believe I may have a 6 pounder in there already!  

How far along? 36 weeks!!!
Total weight gain: At 34 weeks I was +22lbs and at 36w I'm up 25!
Maternity clothes? Duh!  I caved and bought 2 new tops from Old Navy just because I had a coupon and they were on sale.  I don't have a ton of warm weather stuff so I bought a t-shirt and a tank.  I also still have quite a few non-maternity shirts that I can wear (thank goodness LONG shirts have been in style, haha)! (scroll down for my newest bump pic!)
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: I've still been tossing and turning a lot.  The other night I slept wrong on my neck and took it out on my Snoogle, ha!  The snoogle is currently on the floor next to the bed until my neck feels better.  :)
Best moment this week: We went to visit with another pediatrician's office and loved them just as much as we loved the first!  It's going to be a tough decision, but luckily we don't have to decide until we're in the hospital!  I'm leaning towards the office we met with this past week just because they seem to have a few extra benefits (open late on occasion, overnight nurse triage service, etc.).  I washed Carson's bottles and also made a list of what we need to buy from our registry so that we will be ready for Carson!  I also put together his pack'n'play (scroll down for a pic)!  Dr. G went over labor & delivery at my 36week appointment which was really informative and exciting!  I am also starting my weekly appointments now which is exciting and also a relief...I hated waiting 2 weeks between appointments, I feel like I always have so many questions!  Oh yea, and I'm dilated 3cm and 50% effaced....ahhh!!  I can't believe how fast things are progressing and getting real!
Miss Anything? I'm still missing having a tan and I'm also really excited to eat a sub when this is all over.  I think I might need a Jimmy John's Slim 5. :)
Movement: Last week I mentioned how Carson hasn't been moving quite as much.  I think he noticed that because this week he has been dancing around like a crazy boy!  I'm surprised more people don't comment on my stomach that changes shape constantly, ha!
Food cravings: Nothing really this week besides juice!  I went through 2 bottles of juice in a few days and I'm also still drinking ice water like it's going out of style. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!
Gender: Baby BOY Carson!
Labor Signs: No.
Symptoms: Still monitoring my blood pressure at's been high at home and I'm now taking it on 2 cuffs to compare.  I compared it to Nick's and his was normal so I don't think the cuffs are off.  I also have had some pretty uncomfortable cramping pretty far down and some sharp pains but nothing I can't handle.  If I was ever in too much pain, I would call the doctor, but so far, so good!  (Dr. G said my cramping was probably Carson dropping down into place and me dilating...interesting!)
Belly Button in or out? Halfie, haha!
Wedding rings on or off? On and loose still!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Getting SUPER happy and anxious!
Looking forward to: Doing Carson's laundry (I'm waiting until we buy the rest of the stuff we need), getting our carseat installed, finishing packing my hospital bag, getting our house ready, etc.  Basically nesting!  I'm also excited to go to the doctor again already a week from today!

Here is my bump at 36 weeks (35w6d)!

Here is Carson's bed for when he first comes home!  I feel so thankful that we got this as a shower gift and I'm also very excited that I put it together all by myself!  Haha, it's the little things. :)


Sarah said...

Ahhhh, he is almost here!! Can't believe it is so soon! And I love that pack and play, we registered for the same one!

Lindsey said...

Cant wait to meet him! That is the EXACT same pack n' play that we have =)

Also- where did you see 36 weeks is full term?! Dr. G is right, its 37+ weeks. I know because everyone always requires me to answer a "preemie worksheet" when we see doctors =/