Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Frame Collage How-To!

Several people asked me about the frame collage over Carson's dresser.  I maybe a little OCD bit of a perfectionist so it took me QUITE a while to figure out how I wanted the layout.  I first went into the basement and found my rubbermaid bin full of old frames.  See?  Sometimes it helps not to donate everything and hoard your old decor! 

I found my "floating" frames and some smaller 5x7 frames that we had in our family room before we re-decorated.  I first attempted making a layout with those....
 I liked the layout but I was frustrated that the sides wouldn't line up without looking awkward and I felt like I need a little more variety.  That's when I found Anne Tavoletti's prints on art.com.  Since they came in 12x12 I was practically forced to buy a couple new frames!  I headed to Michael's since they were having a frame sale (like always) and also took along my coupon for 30% off any framing order (even sale items)!  I found a new line called "Aris" that is super affordable and actually looks really nice.  The 12x12 frames with matting ended up being $6/each!  Here is the new layout with a few 12x12's thrown in the mix.

Next I had to decide how I was going to transfer this from the floor of our loft to the wall of the nursery.  [Insert panic attack.]  I knew I would be SO mad if I had to put any extra holes in the wall.  Then, I remembered my BFF, Pinterest!  I saw this tip on flipping your frames and using wax paper as a template and knew I had to try it.

First, I flipped my frames, using yard sticks to level the top and bottom.  I used my handy dandy pink measuring tape to ensure equal distance between frames.  Being a perfectionist is so tiring!

Next I taped 3 long pieces of wax paper together and placed the large piece carefully over my frames.  I used a sharpie to mark where the nails needed to go.  I also did a short line on top of the top frames so that I could use that as a point to level the wax paper template. 

Next I took the template and taped it to the wall in the nursery.  I used a laser level with the top lines to ensure it was level and also lined up the center holes with the center of Carson's dresser.  After I was satisfied it was in the right place, I put my nails in and ripped off the wax paper (possibly the most fun part of this project).

Once the template was gone, I was able to hang up my frames and admire my work!  Here are the frames with the old pictures in them and the unpainted 'C'.

The C is something I picked up on clearance at Michael's shortly after we decided on Carson's name.  I wanted it to pop against the wall so I decided to spray paint it navy blue.  Something went wrong with my spray paint and my C ended up being textured.  I asked for some honest feedback and decided to keep it this way, more unique, right?!

This is the outcome of my screwy spraypaint can....paint went everywhere!

Finally, here is the final product!!   I kind of love it and can't wait to fill some of the frames with pictures of our little man!

*Giraffe and Elephant prints can be found on art.com (artist: Anne Tavoletti)
*All other prints are free printables found on Sprik Space

Do you have any frame collages in your house?  How did you decide on a layout and how did you install?  I feel like there has to be an easier way!


Allie said...

I am so in love with this! You creative mama you! lol

Taylor Grace said...

This is such an awesome tutorial! And I pretty much loved framed collages, they're such a great way to fill wall space and look super cute as well! Well done!