Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nursery Update #2!

I've been promising another update for quite some time and the reason I haven't updated is because I'm still waiting on that silly chair!!  We ordered it back in January around MLK Day.  Seriously ridiculous!  We went to the furniture store this weekend after I called and they said the order was delayed AGAIN until March 22nd (at least).  We picked out another chair for the same price and they knocked $50 off.  Good deal, right?  It should be in Tuesday but I'm not getting my hopes up!  (Fingers are crossed!)  If you missed my last update, you can read it here.

Here is what we have so far.......
Our new Ikea Hemnes Dresser & Expedit 4-cube organizer (for toys and books):
Assembly assistants :)

My other assistant :)

Almost done..or so I thought.  Those drawers took forever!

Finished product cmplete with my pink tool bag!

Can't wait to get more books for Carson!
I also have these name letters I made.  I originally wanted to put them on a floating shelf, but now I'm reconsidering.......any ideas?  (P.S.  DIY how-to post coming soon!)

We also went and picked up this table lamp that we had ordered a while ago!  I LOVE it.  I'm not sure about the table in front of the window yet, but it was C-H-E-A-P and I needed something to go next to our (non-existent) recliner....

Here is what you see when you are entering the might remember his door sign from my DIY post here!
Kind of messy but you can see the new Ikea Rutbo light fixture!

Still debating on what I should put on his walls.........I was thinking his name will probably go over his crib (not so sure about the shelf idea anymore), and some picture frames here and there.  As far as other stuff, maybe wall decals?  I feel lost.  HELP!

Here are some of my ideas right now, but I can't make up my mind!  Any opinions??
I would order these in navy & lime....

I would order this in navy...

Cute, but I think I like the other one better...??
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

I've always loved this idea but not sure what colors I'd order (navy & lime?)

Embroidery hoops w/ cute fabric.  I already have his name letters in green so maybe navy/blue fabrics??


Sarah said...

Looks awesome so far!! I love those giraffe wall decals! Too cute!

And we put together a dresser this weekend too....I feel your pain! :)

Catherine said...

I love it and I love the name you picked! :)

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