Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nursery Update!

I promised you all I would give you an update on the nursery soon so here we go....

Let's start out with some BEFORE pictures!   The walls were builder Bone (seriously, that is the name of the color M/I painted our house).  This room had previously been used as my office.  Complete with hand-me-down white sheer panels, my degree, and DIY message center!  Fancy schmancy, right?

Once we totally cleared the office out, I patched the (million) holes in the walls.  After that, I decided to do a layout of the furniture we were looking into buying.  The room is small so I wanted to make sure everything would fit ok.  My husband thinks I have OCD.  He might be right......

Before we could settle on a paint color, I decided to put Carson's clothes away.  A lot of these will eventually be in his dresser, but it was fun to hang everything up.  I'll admit that I've bought a few outfits here and there, but most of these have been gifts!  Carson is so loved already. <3

 Next step was paint!  We decided on Schoolboy Blue by Valspar.  I always use Valspar (except for one room in our house).  I like the price and quality of the paint.  You can see the paint in other pictures in this post but since I used my cell phone, it's hard to see the actual color.  Here is a swatch:

I also changed out the curtains.  I knew I wanted energy efficient light-blocking curtains and I found these for only $13/panel at Walmart!  I know it's hard to tell, but they're navy blue with brushed nickel grommets.  I'm obsessed with grommet top panels (I may only have two windows without them...).  I originally was thinking about being brave and doing green curtains but they didn't look right with our wall color.

Here is the most exciting part of Carson's room so far....his crib!  We got a great deal on this and had it shipped to our door for less than a dollar.  Very nice! [/Borat voice]  The bedding is Dwell Studio Dot Fun Blue from Target.  I love love love the bedding but I'm sad because the crib skirt is no longer available.  Any ideas for that?!  I'm thinking I may just end up doing a solid chocolate brown...?
We also went and ordered our "glider".  We ended up getting a leather rocker recliner and it is beyond comfy!  We plan on using it in a living area once we're done with it in Carson's room.  While we were at the furniture store, I found this lamp for only $19 and had to have it.  I'm excited about a pop of green in the room!

Any advice on wall decor or anything else for Carson's room!?


DecorandtheDog said...

It's looking great so far! Decorating a nursery is one of the few pros on the "to have children or don't list". :P

I have Schoolboy Blue in my mudroom and love it!

I really like those curtains too. And the price was definitely right!

SunnyDays said...

You are not OCD :) My hubs does the same thing taping down the spot where furniture will go. I used to think he was crazy, but it is the best idea! I know this because I did NOT tape before ordering the couch that I now stub my toe on every time I walk past it :/

The room looks so cute! Carson is one lucky kid!
Sunny Days In Second Grade

Miss C said...

Check ebay for the bed skirt! I found a few missing things for my room decor there! :)

Maria said...

So cute! The wall color is so boy-ish yet soothing. And light-blocking curtains are a MUST! (I learned that the hard way.) You could always DIY the letters of his name for wall decor, or frame some free printables off Pinterest. Just some ideas. Love that bedding!