Thursday, February 9, 2012


No, I'm not having triplets, this is just the prettiest picture I could find of eggplant!  That's right, Carson is now the size of an eggplant.  I don't really care for eggplant and it doesn't sound very appealing BUT according to the bump, Carson is anywhere from 13.6-14.8" and weighs about 1.5-2.2lbs! 

Here is your weekly update!

How far along? 25 weeks!
Total weight gain: I went to the doctor yesterday for my regular check-up as well as my glucose tolerance test.  I am officially up 10lbs!  I feel like the weight is coming on quicker now!  (Scroll down to see my latest bump pic!)
Maternity clothes? For sure!  I bought a new pair of maternity jeggings (they really just look like skinny jeans...they're even denim) from Old Navy!  I also ordered some SUPER cheap F21 skinnies!  (Super cheap = $3 out of pocket + $8 store credit card!)  I got them yesterday and they're a little loose but should be fine in the 3rd trimester.  I wasn't sure what size to order since they have European sizing.  I need to buy more shirts because I've resorted to wearing my non-maternity longer shirts and I don't have that many!
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: I've actually started to get tired again so I'm sleeping pretty well each night!
Best moment this week: A lot of fun moments again this past week!  We put together Carson's crib and hung his curtains so his nursery is finally starting to come along.  We also ordered the rocker and found a cute lamp!  (A nursery update is coming VERY soon, I swear...I already started writing the post!)  I went for my 25 week check-up and got to hear Carson's heart beating strong on the doppler (145bpm).  He also kicked the doppler and my doctor when she was measuring my tummy, hehe!  Speaking of kicking, quite a few of my girlfriends were able to feel (and see) Carson kick this past week while we were hanging out!  I'm pretty sure everyone though it was cool, but I know it weirds some people out. :)
Miss Anything? Nope!  I'm missing bras that are comfy and fit nicely though.  I'm thinking a trip to Target will be in store soon to find a bigger bra...again!  Hey, I can't complain!
Movement: Carson is VERY active and my doctor even said that his kicks are very strong and evident for a baby of 25 weeks!  She said it might be because of my thin build that it's so obvious but usually it isn't so easy to feel/see at this point!
Food cravings: Nothing new....I still love my fruit.  We have a stockpile of oranges in the kitchen!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!  I was worried that the infamous orange drink might make me feel a little "off" but I was totally fine!
Gender: Baby BOY Carson!
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: The pain in my abdomen has continued but isn't constant and isn't every day.  My doctor felt my abs and said they are still pretty strong up high and have not separated so she wasn't sure what it might be.  She said if it continues, they may prescribe an antacid if it gets too painful.  I'm thinking I'll be fine.  I also had a really bad headache for about a day and a half but it's subsiding now!
Belly Button in or out? innie still....fingers crossed ;)
Wedding rings on or off? on and loose and now I can blame it on the cold weather again!  We got some snow here in Ohio!  (Don't mistake that ! for excitment, I am ready for summer!)
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy happy, joy joy.  Haha.  Seriously, how can you get grumpy when you have a little miracle growing inside of you!?
Looking forward to: Getting the call that the chair for the nursery is ready to be picked up!  Also excited for our upcoming trip to Ikea (2/18)!

In case any of you haven't had the pleasure of drinking THE orange drink, here it is.  This bottle was staring me down since my last check-up on January 4th and I was SO nervous to drink it.  Everyone says it's awful and makes you nauseous, light-headed, etc.  To be honest, I felt fine after drinking it.  It wasn't the tastiest beverage I've ever had, but it wasn't sickening either.

And now for my weekly bump update!  I really feel like I've popped and although no strangers have said anything, clueless people at work are starting to finally ask questions or give me "the eye".  I "announced" this pregnancy back in November at work so I'm surprised that people are just now starting to realize.  This is only at one building, though.....everyone knew right away at the other building!
25 Weeks! 


Kelli Brenamen said...

I went to Target and bought two new bras yesterday too LOL. VERY necessary!

jen said...

I love reading your updates! My little boy was very active in the womb--just continues after birth! He constantly moves around and is always doing something :o) Meanwhile, his sister, who was less active in the womb, loves to sit and play! It's amazing how they are in the womb how they're very similar to that when they come out!

Congrats and enjoy :o)

Mandy said...

I'm demanding nursery pics!!! Now (please)!!