Thursday, February 16, 2012

26 and Lettuce!

I seriously can't believe I'm 26 weeks already!  Apparently nobody else can believe it either because every time they ask how far along I am, they stare at my belly for an uncomfortable amount of time before telling me that I'm "so small"!  Seriously, stop!  I'm glad they aren't saying I'm "so huge" but I can't help what size I am!  Plus I love my little bump!  I know pregnant people always say this, but time is flying! 

According to the Bump, Carson is now the size of lettuce.  More specifically, a head of lettuce.  They say that a 26 week baby measures about 13.6-14.8" and weighs about 1.5-2.2lbs.  I guess the stats didn't change much from last week but I'm sure he's growing in there!  They also say his eyes are forming and will open soon!!

How far along? 26 weeks!
Total weight gain: Most of you know I don't weigh myself at home.  Mainly because my scale gives way different numbers than my doctor and I want to remember the CORRECT number!  At my appointment last week I was up 10lbs.  I don't go to the doc again until mid-March so I'm going to say 10-11 at this point....
Maternity clothes? Yep, still!  I bought another pair of maternity work pants with a return credit that I had from Christmas.  They are my first "full panel" pants that I've worn and I thought they would be weird, but they aren't too bad!  I do have to pull them up a lot though which can be annoying!  Still a mixture of maternity and non-maternity tops! (scroll down for a new bump pic!)
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: I've been sleepy and sleeping GREAT, but doing a horrible job waking up in the mornings :(
Best moment this week:  We got the junction box installed so that we can install a ceiling light in Carson's nursery!  This Saturday we're headed down to Ikea to pick up his dresser, bookshelf, wall ledge, and light!  Can't wait :)
Miss Anything? Nope!  I discovered decaf coffee recently and that has helped my lack of Starbucks lately!  I also had a craving for diet coke so Nick bought me some caffeine free diet coke. 
Movement: Carson is VERY active still!  The other night he was flipping around like crazy so I told Nick to hurry and feel and Carson IMMEDIATELY stopped.  It was so funny.  Nick put his head up to my belly and said, "Carson!  Why did you stop?!" and Carson kicked him in the face!  Haha, too funny :)  Already a momma's boy!
Food cravings: Fruit still and I like to have something sweet after meals even if it's just a tiny piece of chocolate!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope! 
Gender: Baby BOY Carson!
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: A new symptom this past week: leg cramps!  I'm still not sure if it was actually a "Charlie horse" but it happened a few times while I was sleeping and I would wake up with a totally stiff calf muscle and my muscle would feel HARD.  It was so bizarre and painful but if that's all the pain I'm dealing with now, that's totally fine!
Belly Button in or out? innie still....and still nervous!
Wedding rings on or off? on and loose still!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Ecstatic still!
Looking forward to: Our trip to Ikea!  After we get our Ikea goodies, Carson's nursery will be almost fully furnished!  We're also still waiting on the call that the chair (recliner) is ready to be picked up!

Here is what you have all been waiting latest bathroom bump shot!  I keep telling Nick that I need some REAL (read: non-bathroom, non-cell phone) bump pics but when he offers to take them, I'm in my yoga pants or not feeling a photo shoot!  Go figure.  So here I am at 25w6d:

P.S. I may have dyed my hair the other night...can you tell?  I was getting sick of my natural color because it looked brassy to me in pictures, yuck!  This was the day after I dyed it so it was still pretty dark....

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Hadar said...

You still look adorable! I wonder if you need more calcium. I always get Charlie horses when I'm low in calcium but I don't know if that's the same for when you're pregnant! Thanks for sharing your journey with us :)