Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Decor and More!

 First of all, let me just share my excitement.  My district announced today that a lot of people (read: parents) had been complaining about our January 2nd return to school date.  They didn't like that childcare centers were closed and a lot of them had the day off and wanted to spend it with their children.  I guess there were enough complaints to make the district feel like something needed to change.  SO, we aren't going back to school until January 3rd!  That means I'm on break starting this Friday at 4pm until January 3rd!!  I'm so excited.  The only thing they had to do to make it justified/legal was to tack on a day to the end of our school year.  While this bothers some of my co-workers, it doesn't bother me because I'll be on maternity leave.  Happy day!

I've had fun stalking looking at everyone's holiday decorations so I decided to take some crappy high quality cell phone pictures of my own!  I didn't include my kitchen table which has a super cute table runner and place mats b/c it is currently clutter-tastic with mail, school stuff, and candles galore (thanks for the 2 for $20 sale, Bath & Body Works)!

Our tree....LED lights with old school star!

Our mantel and stockings.  I know it's plain, but I've been on a clutter-free kick.....oh, and I know MY stocking doesn't match (grrr...OCD)!  Do you like Chip & Dixie's new stockings?  They have embroidered initials and they were $1.40 at Kohls!

I keep seeing cute holiday card displays all over blog-land and Pinterest.  I wanted to make one using foam board, fabric, and ribbons.  HOWEVER, hubby talked me out of it and I he came up with this super cheap idea instead.  I bought a bag of 50 mini clothespins ($1.50) and used twine we already had at home.  It doesn't look great, but I think it will be more exciting when I add more cards!  Send me your cards, people!  (I swear, I'll get mine out before Friday.)

close up of the mini clothepins

I bet you're wondering what "and more" means.  No?  That's ok, I'll fill you in anyway.  I felt like I haven't put up any pictures of my pups lately so here is a pic of them getting into our Christmas gifts (we need to WRAP)!  There was a bag with a couple dog toys and bones and they sniffed it out and were digging through all the bags to find it.  GUILTY!

One more thing.  On the way to work yesterday, I went to take a swig of my juice and my freezing cold hands slipped while I was trying to twist open the travel mug lid.  My nail BROKE.  Not just broke, but broke off bad.  I wanted to cry like a baby but instead I rushed to work to bandage it up.  I'm still trying to think of a solution...nail glue, super glue, cut it off?  Ew.
Sorry for the sideways pic....


Tickled Pink said...

Love your card display. I need to make/figure something out for next year.. Ours are just taped up to the cabinets now.. pretty blah!

Married...with a Pup said...

Looks great!! And that is so exciting about your break being extended! I have yet to get Brutus a stocking.....I must get one soon for him!

Lindsey said...

My Xmas card is in the mail for you! They went out today! Better pick a special spot for it =)

vickya said...

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