Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm linking up with Jamie today for WILW!

I'm loving that in 3 days, I will be on my way to sunny, relaxing Sedona, AZ! 
I'm loving that tonight I get to spend some time with my friend Kristin and her super cute son, Austin.  Seriously, he's such a cutie, I can't stand it!

I'm loving that Rice Krispie TREATS cereal is back!  I resisted the urge to buy this but I'm still really excited about it.  It's the little things....

I'm loving that some opportunities for next school year are finally arising.  To read more about it, check out my post from yesterday here.

I'm loving that we had a very fun and successful bridal shower and bachelorette party for my friend, Kelli, this past weekend!  [New post with pictures coming soon!]

I'm loving that my gardens are looking quite pretty as of lately!  
Backyard lily garden :)

Front garden....still waiting on snapdragons to bloom!

Sorry, Mr. Mailman....I promise to transplant this fall!

New hydrangea bushes from the hubby!

My stargazer is blooming finally! [These were our wedding flowers.]

As always, I'm loving my wonderful husband and our two fur babies, Chip and Dixie!
Super cuddly when I woke up early one morning :)


Hadar said...

RICE KRISPIES TREATS CEREAL IS BACK!?!?!?!? Thank Heavens!!! hahaha

Miss Kindergarten

Allison said...

Haha I love your mailbox flowers. It can only make your mailman happy right? Good luck with the teaching job! As a fellow teacher I understand what you are going through and hope for the best for you!!

Tickled Pink said...

Ohh you made my day with that cereal update! Definately just got added to my grocery list!! :) Thanks

Emily said...

I've never heard of this cereal? But the thought of it makes me happy.

Paula said...

What a beautiful picture of AZ! I want to go there!

All your flowers are really pretty too!