Monday, June 6, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday!

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1. Flowers.  I'm waiting impatiently to have some beautiful blooms in my garden!  I noticed today that my day lilies in the backyard have started blooming, yay!  While anxiously waiting, I bought a hanging basket for the patio :)

 2. School/Job. My last day of school was last Friday (6/3).  It was a really tough day for me since I don't have a contract for next year and I had to say goodbye forever to my kiddos.  The hardest part was my students who came up to hug me and wouldn't let go because they didn't want me to leave.  UGH, tore my heart apart!  I went back today to finish cleaning out my classroom....I'll probably go back one more time tomorrow just to double check that I have everything.  Feels weird.  My home away from home will be somewhere else next year.  :(  I'm trying to stay positive about the job search and I'm checking the job sites like a crazy person someone who really wants a job next year! 
3. Summer!  Today is my first official day of summer!  Although it doesn't feel like it.  I woke up at normal "school day" time and went to a district professional development class.  After that I went to work in my classroom and then I ran a few errands.  I have been organizing my teaching stuff to store in the basement but (obviously) took a blogger break!  Once I'm really ready for summer, I'll be hanging out at our awesome city pool complete with slides, lap pool, and LAZY RIVER!  Love it :)
4. Wedding Season started this past weekend for us.  We went to the first wedding of the season and it was outside in 95°+ temperatures!  I was so hot I forgot to take any pictures (fail!) but it was a good time for sure.  Next up for wedding events is my good friend Kelli's bridal shower and bachelorette party!  The bridal shower will be chez MOI and I'm super excited.  I should definitely be working on getting the house ready instead of blogging!  Her bachelorette party will be down in Cinci so if any of my bloggers know of fun things, let me know!  I think our hotel is by the Cadillac Ranch?!

5. Photos. I feel guilty posting blog entries with no photos.  Why?  Because I sometimes get bored reading posts that don't have photos. 

6. For Sale.  I'm in the process of selling my old car and it's not really fun.  At all.  I have it posted in a few different [free] places, but so far I've only had a few people who were really interested.  Next time I'm definitely trading in my car, even if I won't make quite as much $! 

Ok, time to go organize my school stuff.  I can't believe everything I brought home was actually nice and organized in my little closet of a classroom!

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xo katrina said...

so sorry to hear you won't have a contract for next year. we have many friends in education that have the same problem. even school libraries are being closed next year. so sad. i hope something comes along for you!

that water park looks amazing. so wonderful that you have something like that nearby.