Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I Wore some more!

To start, I have a horrible picture of what I'm wearing today.  I know the picture is bad....I took it with a cell phone in minimal light....sorry!  Shirt is from Forever21, cardigan from Express, basic black pants, silver accessories....nothing too crazy!  After wearing this outfit, I feel like the shirt looks a little maternity-esque.  That's ok with me though, don't judge.

Now that the ice from the snow and ice storms is finally gone....I figured it was time to post a few pictures!  During this storm, we had two snow days in a row!   It was nice but I was glad to go back after two days off!  The super windy storm caused our trashcan to blow/slide half-way down our street!  Here is a pic of my sweet hubby going to retrieve it.  Also a pic of one of our bird feeders....poor guys didn't have food for a few days since their feeders were frozen shut!

Now onto some school stuff.  Yesterday I woke up feeling exhausted for some reason.  I haven't been sleeping well and I did NOT want to get up.  I wore my hair in a pony and felt super gross and tired.  I went to cafeteria duty that morning and a little girl said "Mrs. P, you look so pretty today!"  Made my day so much better!  :D

I've been blog-stalking a lot lately and have found a ton of great ideas to use with my kiddos!  One fun activity I found is a making words activity.  This activity is great because it can easily be modified for higher level and lower level.  If needed, you can even tell the students to sort their words into 3-letter, 4-letter, etc.  My kids had fun making challenging words!  You can find the activity here over at Mrs. Carroll's blog!

I also found another fun activity for comprehension.  Unfortunately, during my crazy blog-stalking fest, I went download crazy and can't remember where I found this one.  If you know, please let me know so I can give credit!  EDIT: This activity is from Mrs. Patton's blog!  You can find it here!  Thanks Mrs. Patton!  This was easy to make and the kids love quizzing partners or playing teacher and quizzing a small group!

What activities have your students been loving lately? 


Mrs. Patton said...

Don't you love how kids can make your day so much better? And the reading questions can was my idea :) The post is at this link:

Glad you liked it!
Mrs. Patton

Emily said...

Thanks for claiming the activity - I edited to give you credit! Your blog is great :)

Christine said...

I LOVE your outfits!!! I wish I could shop with you :)