Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

When I was little, I remember being so excited to decorate my Valentine's box and picking out super cute cards to exchange!  (I was never allowed to get the fancy cards - those were too expensive!)

Today at school, I didn't see ANY boxes to fill with cards, no decorations and I only saw a few Valentine's cards.  I guess now that there are so many children who don't celebrate Valentine's Day (among other holidays), the school has simply decided to ignore the holiday.  It was a little depressing but very understandable.  Luckily, I only have one student who doesn't celebrate so I was able to do some Valentine's activities with my other groups and modify the activities for her group.

My team went in on Valentine's together so that every student would get the same gift.....I wasn't super excited about them but the kids loved them so that made me happier!  I also bought some fun pencils (thank you, Target dollar spot!) and the kids made this craft
One of my students has had some difficulty remembering what to do while in my class.  I wanted to create something similar to a social story, but not in a book form since we wouldn't really ever have extra time to flip through pages.  I decided on a poster that I can hang near his seat.....he LOVES it!

One last thing.  I bought myself a gift.  My district has a shopping network similar to Craigslist for all district employees.  The shopping network has a variety of goods and services (total teacher thing to say) for sale.  I browse through it fairly often to check for good deals.  Last week, I purchased this storage organizer for $15!!  I was excited because the same organizer is currently for sale at Target for just under $70!  The unit I bought is gently used (and missing one bin) but still, I'm excited for some cheap extra storage!


Mrs. Ibarra said...

Post a pic to show how you used your new storage!

Emily said...

Believe it or not, I haven't used it yet! I teach reading in a small room with lots of shelving and a big cabinet so I haven't needed this yet! Hopefully next year I can use it in a bigger classroom! :)