Monday, November 29, 2010

Manic Monday!

Have I had that title before?  I feel like I have........?

Either way, today is definitely a manic Monday!  At school I have totally new groups again.  I feel bad for the kiddos because we just changed groups 2 weeks ago!  However, after a meeting with the 3rd grade team, we re-grouped and I got 4 new kids.  My new kids won't start for a few days (paperwork needs to be processed) but it should be fun!  I think I have everything organized for the week, which feels nice.  Once those new students come I have a lot of work to do getting all of their necessary things together ........reading long, writing book, folder, etc.  Hopefully that doesn't take too long since I only have 4 newbies!

I'm home now for lunch and then I'm off to my new job.  Yes, I'm crazy and got another job.  I should have taken advantage of working PT this year and enjoyed some "me time".  I sub now and then but it's nice to have flexible afternoons.....or should I say it was nice!  Today I'm starting work at my uncle's real estate company.  It's a super small office and they needed some extra help so I agreed to help the fam.  I'll be making good $ and only working 10 hours a week......not too shabby.  I'm looking forward to having some extra $ for Christmas shopping!

Speaking of shopping, did anyone brave the Black Friday crowds?!  I was planning on going but I!  I went around 9:30a instead and it was great!  Not too crowded and still a ton of great deals.  I got a lot at Bath & Body Works...some for me, some for gifts. :)  I also got a few gifts at Target.  Bed Bath & Beyond didn't have good deals at all!  Nothing was on sale, they just handed me a coupon...lame!  Kohls seemed to have great deals but the line was literally wrapped around the store.  No thanks!

I had a busy Thanksgiving weekend....I'll post more about that later.  Now it's time for lunch then work!

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