Monday, January 23, 2012

New Purchases!

Every year, our PTO is kind enough to give us money toward purchasing materials for our classroom.  You can see the desktop easel I purchased with my PTO money last year in this post.  This year since I work in two buildings, I was able to make two separate purchases.  For my morning school, I got $25 and I used it to purchase a magnetic word builder set from Lakeshore:

At my afternoon school, I was allotted $63.  I couldn't decide what I really needed besides a pocket chart, so I started checking out some catalogs that were in my school mailbox.  I decided to order from Learning Resources.  (The same company that makes the recording device I won!)  I only have one (standard size) pocket chart in my room and I'm currently using it for my center board.  I have small pocket charts, but they don't work well for center games.  Now I'll have another standard pocket chart (plus a free stand from school) so the kids can do a pocket chart center!  Please send any and all ideas my way! ;)  I also ordered a letter construction set.  I thought this would be good for an ABC center, early finishers, or even indoor recess.  I also picked the Creative Writing flip book.  It has pictures of Who, What, When, & Where to help with story ideas.  I plan on introducing this in interactive writing and then letting my kids use it as a tool in writer's workshop.  After all of this (with a coupon code), I still didn't qualify for free shipping so I had to throw in one more small item.  I decided on Phonemic Awareness reading rods.  I figured these could easily be integrated into centers somehow.  In the end, I got all of these goodies for $18 out of pocket.  Not too shabby!  Plus Learning Resources shipped me my order in 2 days!

What purchases have you made for your classroom lately?

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