Monday, August 30, 2010

1 Week Down....

One week down of blogging and one week down of my new job!  My first week at school went great but to be completely honest, it was pretty uneventful!  The first day was spent preparing materials to use for assessing kindergartners.  Seriously, that is all I did the whole day!  The next few days I was able to work with the kindergartners on assessments which was fun!  They are so cute and excited about school!  This week I'm finally starting to get into some real work....and I actually like it!

Even though last week was uneventful at work, we had some things going on at home.  We were puppy-sitting for a shih-tzu (sp?) that was smaller than our dogs!  This dog seriously weighed about 2-3lbs.  Our dogs had no idea what to do with her....they aren't used to seeing dogs smaller than them!  Chip never warmed up to her but Dixie started to play with her towards the end of her visit.  Here's a picture of the little devil (she wasn't potty trained and had quite a few accidents in our house...grrr)!  She was too cute to stay mad though :)

Earlier in the summer we found a bird had built a nest in our hanging basket.  We had been watching the baby and wondering when he was going to leave the nest (he's huge)!  He finally jumped ship but he wasn't able to fly yet so we put some bird food and bread in the bushes for him and he made a temporary home there...I think he was happy but we're pretty sure he flew away now.

Other than that, the hubby & I went to dinner and a movie.  I have to brag about my dinner deal.  We decided to go to Carrabba's because we had a $25 gift card.  I then remembered I had a bogo coupon from my birthday so we were able to get our entire dinner "free"!  Good deal for date night :)  As for the movie, we saw The Other Guys with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell.  It was pretty funny, we both enjoyed it.  The next day it was in the 90's (again!) but we decided to go to the zoo since we hadn't been all summer.  It wasn't too crowded (probably because of the heat) which was nice.  My favorite exhibits were definitely the Polar Bears (so cute!) and one of the aviaries. The Polar Bear exhibit is so cool!  The birds were so unique and colorful.  The one bird looks like he has a koosh ball on his head!

And finally, I rarely make anything in the kitchen that is worthy of posting up here but I made these yummy little pretzel bites that turned out delicious.  The best part - they were SO easy to make!


lmc5004 said...

Do you remember that I made those pretzel bites for our christmas cookie exchange?! =) I love the blog so far, good job!

Emily said...

I knew someone made them because I had the recipe written down and I only write down recipes of things I taste and like! :)

Kelli said...

Yum, yum! I love those chocolate covered pretzels. My mom has been making them every Christmas for a while now too. Always a tasty treat!!

And, I love the blog idea...I'm sure jealous that you buckled down and started. I will be trying to get myself to do it forever, I just know it!

Emily said...

Kel - just create the blog already! The longest time is creating it and then all you have to do is update it sporadically :)

kristie said... those pretzel bites. i have also had them with pecans instead of m&m's. so delicious.