Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Pinteresting Post.....yet again!

I've definitely been a horrible blogger lately and I'm SORRY!  I swear I have some classroom/teaching things to share but I've been too busy let's be honest LAZY to upload my pictures from my camera!  Sue me.


I hope you all (I refrained from typing y'all) aren't sick of reading my Pinterest posts.  I can't resist!  I am 100% for sure addicted!  Linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple.....

I need someone to buy this for me please!

I just think these guys are so cute.  I want one for my mantel!
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

I have some corks and tried to make another type of corkboard and I'm thinking this would work better for my OCD!
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

What I made over the weekend with some girlfriends...YUM!

The dessert we made - dangerous but delicious!

Chicken & Dumplings....a must for fall!

Makes me LOL!


Krystina said...

Yup! Loving your pins!! That chicken over the pasta?! I JUST ate dinner and I still wanna eat that right now lol Such a cute blog, I can't wait to look around some more! :)

Emily said...

Girl, I could never get tired of looking at pinterest posts! I am an avid pinner & should probably admit myself to pinners anonymous ;) I love that blanket & the wine cork one! PS I'm having a giveaway that will have 3 winners on my blog if you'd like to check it out!

sarah said...

I love your pins!! And I NEED that comfy throw! Omg.